Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's good to be back.

Oh, how I have missed the creek.

I have missed the silence.

I have missed knowing that my dear friends are within walking distance.

I love this place.

What I do not love is the physical labor involved in packing a car, unpacking a car, going to Walmart and buying more stuff, loading and unloading all of that, and then unpacking everything in my dorm room so that I can go to sleep.

I'm so tired I'm not even taking a shower tonight.  Good thing I don't have to be anywhere early tomorrow (classes don't start till Wednesday), so I'll just take one in the morning.

It's amazing how you can leave a place for a month and then return and slide right back into your groove as if you never left.

Special shoutout to my mother who worked just as hard as I did today, and had to deal with my crying in the middle of the Walmart parking lot because I spent too much money and had to take some from her.  Granted, she owes me a bunch of money anyway, and I am on my Provera hormones so I have a good excuse, but it was not pretty.

I got Ryann's picture printed and bought her frame, and I got the same picture printed and framed for me, plus the Christmas picture of Matt and me printed and framed.  With those and my Blake picture and Vespers picture, once I by some mounting tape at the end of this month, my walls are going to be just beautiful.  Ryann gets in tomorrow night, and I hope to get to see her on Tuesday, but at the very latest, I'll see her Thursday in French class.

Ah, yes, it is very good to be back in the creek.  It will also be very good to sleep in my totally awesome bed.

I am happy. :)

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