Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Please pray for this family.


They're the Rockstar family. They have a huge heart for the orphan, and last month they welcomed a 12 year old and an 11 year old into their home who had to leave another family. Well, now they're returning to that previous family, and everyone's hearts are broken. Their story and their family is beautiful. They need prayers for peace and strength.



Nothing much going on today. Really sneezy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Television is fun.

Okay...it's slightly embarrassing. But I really like The Bachelorette. It's like a really bad train wreck, yet I can't stop watching it. Jillian sseems like the most "average" Bachelorette they've had. She's pretty, she's not a drama queen, she's funny, and she's smart. I suppose I've been watching it for so long that I've become fascinated with the men on the show. Like Ed! I was so happy to see that she let him come back tonight, though there are rumors that it was scripted. But who cares. It's Ed! Agh, and I keep waiting for when she's going to let that slimeball Wes go. That dude doesn't care about her, and the one thing that bugs me about Jillian is that she's so blind to that! By the previews of next week, it does look like he's finally going to show his true colors, so maybe she'll let him go next week, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

My other fascination/major interest/obession - The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's cheesy, but I love it. Amy used to be really naive, but now she seems to have grown up. Frankly, Ben gets on my nerves. He's a spoiled little rich kid who has no idea what real life is. But his dad is awesome. Ironic, huh? I just love Ricky. *shrugs* He's hot, and smart, and still friendly, and though he's slightly manipulative I love seeing him just interact with people because as much as he wants to pretend he doesn't care about anyone, I think he cares about a lot of people. And I feel so bad for Grace now that she thinks her having sex killed her dad. My heart kind of breaks whenever I see a kid losing a parent, real life or not. Is that weird? Adrian's hysterical.

Okay, yes, I know it's weird that I wasted an entire blog post on television shows, but I'm bored, and it's my blog, and I can write about whatever I want. :)

Do you watch either of these shows?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whoa baby!

So...I don't really like surprises when I know they're coming.

But my mom walks in the house tonight after going to get food from Wendy's. She hands me this envelope, apologizes for opening it for me, and says I'm really going to like what's inside. It's from the church that I left three years ago after being humiliated and mistreated and other bad things, so I'm a little confused.

Guess what was in it.

Five hundred dollars in cash.


I nearly fell over in shock. And the even more adorable thing about it is that I have no idea who sent it. They didn't sign the letter. But God bless 'em, whoever it was.


Another awesome surprise came from my Uncle Ed yesterday.

He wants to buy my bed for my dorm, and the chair I need to get because I'm not allowed to have a recliner due to fire marshal regulations.

AND he told my mom that he has some Foreign Service friends who work with one of the best foreign service language programs in the country. He wants to fly me out there (I think it's in California) over one of my breaks to meet them.


They could be connections to get my dream job of working in an embassy! It would be so amazing if I could get into one of them after college. They only work with the best and the brightest, and my uncle said his friends are already happy to meet me.

How amazing is that? :) God is awesome.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Money well spent.

Exhausted? That I am.

After bugging my mom till 3:30 this afternoon to take me shopping, we finally left. We went to the bank to cash two more checks that had come in the mail. Then we went to my mom's bank so she could withdraw money.

Then we went to JC Penney's and I got a bunch of shirts and two pairs of shorts and nice pillows.

Then we went to Olive Garden. :)

Then we went to Sprint and I got THE BEST PHONE EVER!!! Seriously. Texting with a full keyboard is so much easier. And apparently Hollly went $80 over her limited texting plan, so my mom switched all of the phones to unlimited and asked me to teach her how to text. Haha, awwww. But really, I love my phone.

Then we went to Shoe Carnival and I got my first pair of Rainbows flip flops. They're really uncomfortable right now but everyone is swearing that in a few days they'll have loosened up.

Then we went to Books a Million so my mom could get some "Idiot's Guide to German" book and tape.

Then we went to Wal-Mart. Got pretty much everything I need for my dorm room, except for a lamp and curtains and double-sided tape. Freakin AWESOME in my book, considering we were only there for an hour and a half.

So yes, it was an amazing day. $460 well spent. :) I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so STOKED for college.

Now, I must rest. My head is pounding. But it's worth it. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Some girl on Facebook who was really snobby to me yesterday is now trying to convince me that the schedule I got offline isn't my real schedule. She says that some guy who is a current student at Campbell and works on the schedules told her that we'll get our actual schedules at Orientation. Her reasoning is "How can they pick our classes without us being at Orientation to make sure those are the classes we want? It doesn't make sense."


It makes sense to me because freshmen have to get past all the general ed classes. And Dr. Thornton, who's going to be my advisor and is the head of the international studies dept (my major), told me that they make the schedules for the freshmen when I met him in April. Besides, why would they bother making fake schedules for everyone?

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I should believe a professor over a student. Just saying. I'm waiting for her to reply to what I left on the "Campbell Class of 2013" Facebook wall. I'm expecting some snappy remark. Frankly, I'm glad she deleted me.

Maybe it's that this is the schedule they set up for you, and you can change it if you want? I told her "I don't know, whatever, I guess we'll all find out once we actually go to orientation." Hah. So yes, wait and see.

And forgive me. Probably no one is going to take an interest in this post. I'm just rambling. I really like using this blog to get my thoughts all sorted out. (If you weren't aware of that already.)

I like water.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Mom and I wake up this morning planning to go shopping for dorm stuff. But after I make her a sandwich, we fell back asleep. (Surprise, surprise.) We wake up, and our water's been cut off. It's not fun not having water, just in case you were wondering. But it FINALLY came back on a couple minutes ago. We couldn't go shopping cause Mom needed to get a shower. She was all mad because she had to go out to the water company place all nasty lookin', haha. So we're just gonna go tomorrow after physical therapy, no big deal.


I get a new phone tomorrow! I know exactly what I want, too. It's a pretty, pretty phone.
I just hope our nearby Sprint store has it in stock. But basically, I just want a new phone that has a slide-out full keyboard for texting purposes. Pretty sweet belated birthday present, huh?


I need to do thank you cards. The procrastinator in me is really dreading that. Especially because these stupid headaches will not go away. They won't even lighten up.


It's been made abundantly clear that I've totally lucked out when it comes to my schedule for the fall. I've been reading what a bunch of other freshmen are saying and pretty much everyone else has a complaint. One girl has class on Tuesday from 8 am to 9 pm. Hehehe. I'm really really really hoping they don't change mine. And I'm still trying to convince my mom that five classes is plenty for a freshman who's trying to get used to everything about college life. We'll see. Orientation is July 10 and 11. I've got a trip to Shriner's Hospital on July 6 and 7, so that's gonna be a busy week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You have no idea...

how absolutely stoked I am right now. (And for those of you who are foreign to the word, stoked is like really really super excited.)

Why? you ask.

Oh, you didn't ask?

Well, too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway.

I finally got a call back from somebody about my dorm situation. They're keeping me in my original assigned room, but they're moving the girl who was going to be my roommate so I get my private room. Now, I was actually kind of irritated that they didn't move me closer to the center of campus like I asked, but that totally changed once I looked at the map of the dorm. It's officially the best possible dorm room. I'd show you, but blogger doesn't like the picture I made with color coding and such. So I'll just explain.

Awesome thing number 1: It's on the first floor.
Awesome thing number 2: It's at the end of the hall.
Awesome thing number 3: It's right near the only laundry room.
Awesome thing number 4: It's right near the back exit, which is like 20 yards, if that, away from the dining hall.
Awesome thing number 5: It's next to "the canteen", which I'm assuming is vending machines.

And the best for last....

Awesome thing number 6: I HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM.

Seriously, I completely freaked out when I looked at the map. What college freshman gets their own bathroom? I mean, if I had a roommate, it'd be the two of us sharing it, but the dorm is supposed to be set up so taht two rooms share a bath, and since my room is the end of the hall, it just got it's own. I am so happy about that part. :D

And to think, if I had gotten my first wish of being moved out of this dorm, there's no way I would have gotten this awesome setup. It's awesome what God can do when we're not looking, isn't it?


Reason for being stoked number two.

My class schedule. I really didn't think we were getting these till orientation, but I was looking at Facebook and one of the other fellow rising Campbell freshman had posted a way to get to your schedule.


10:00 - 10:50 Relg 125 - Intro to Christianity
12:00 - 12:50 Hist 111 - Western Civilization
2:00 - 2:50 Engl 101 - Freshman Composition I


9:30 - 10:50 Govt 229 - The National Government
12:30 - 1:50 PE 185 - Lifetime Wellness

Why am I stoked about this part?
Mostly because I don't have any 8 am classes. Mornings are so not my thing, if you weren't aware.
And none of the classes are super late, either.
And I have time to get lunch each day between classes.
And I'm done early, so I have time to relax and then go to the gym or the pool.

So yeah...all in all, this was a really really really good day. Mallory is a happy girl. :D


Friday, June 19, 2009

Life isn't fair.

Like we haven't all heard that one before.

And everyone has points in their lives where they just scream, "WHY ME?" Bad things happen to good people all the time. As much as it sucks, you just have to try to believe that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.

Case in point: Adrienne and Jim are a couple from TN. I follow Adrienne's blog constantly, after finding her through Angie. Adrienne and Jim suffered three miscarriages before bringing home a little boy, Owen, from Russia. Along with three more miscarriages, they had a domestic adoption that fell through last November. They traveled all the way to New Jersey to adopt a newborn baby girl, spending three days loving on her and taking care of her, only to have the mother change her mind and decide she wanted to parent the baby herself. Now, they have been waiting a few months to adopt a baby boy who was born right near them. Baby Braxton's mom is now having doubts about giving him up, despite her telling Adrienne they should trust that she was going to give them the baby.

It just seems so unbelievably unfair. Even though I don't know this couple, just by reading their blog I can tell that they are such a sweet couple with beautiful hearts who love children and want to not just be parents, but to give children homes. Something as hard as loving on a baby expecting to take him/her home only to "lose" then is hard enough to deal with once, but twice? It's just too unfair. I don't mean to sound like I take the idea of adoption lightly. I can't imagine how hard it was for either of these birth moms to decide at all to give their kids up for adoption. My heart just hurts for Adrienne and Jim.

We all have problems. Like I said, we all have moments where we think "Why me?" whether or not we're willing to own up to it. I know I've thought that several times throughout countless doctor appointments and tests and the surgeries. I guess that part of "growing up" is trying to learn how to just put everything in God's hands. It's not an easy lesson. Humans have an instinctual desire to try to control their lives. But we just can't. If I could figure out how to just trust 100% that God will take care of me, I know I'd be so much less stressed. But that would just make life too easy, wouldn't it?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turkey legs.

Not much to say, just wanted to post this funny conversation my mom and I had earlier.

My mom was in the kitchen, and I was in my room with the door closed.

Mom: Hey Mal, have you heard anything from Uncle Ed?
Me: *comes out of room* What?
Mom: Have you heard anything from Uncle Ed?
Me: Nope. *laughs* I thought you said something about turkey legs.
Mom: Oh, I did. I was trying to tell you about evil turkey legs.
Me: Evil turkey legs, eh?
Mom: Yep, there are evil turkey legs invading Russia.
Me: Hmm.....Maybe they can get rid of the communists.

:D It may not seem funny to you all, but it makes me laugh.

We also had a conversation in the car today about what it would be like if I married Brad Pitt, but that's for a completely different post. ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'd like for you to meet someone.

Richard Keith Jones. January 29, 1962 - June 17, 1999.

My dad.

Forgive me if I'm not the same person I usually am. It feels so hard to try and find the words to express what today means, what he means. I feel like I could never do him justice. Why? Because I know this man, but I don't know him. He was diagnosed with leukemia in August 1998, and was gone ten months later. When something this big happens all by your seventh birthday, it's hard to remember, I suppose. I have the stories that my mom tells me, but it still feels so impersonal, and that kills me, even now after ten years.

I want to remember so badly. I want to know what it was like to have my daddy hold me and tell me he loves me. I want to have good memories of time I got to spend with him, not have the first thing I remember to be waking up two days after my birthday to find my mom and pastor sitting in my living room. As much as I love my mom for all the sacrifices she's made, I constantly feel like something is missing. And I feel like no one understands how I feel because my sisters were old enough to remember what he was like.

He drove a delivery truck for UPS (United Parcel Service), and he delivered to the Ty Beanie Baby Company. The people there loved him so much that they frequently gave him beanie babies to take home to my sisters and me. Thanks to Chelsea allowing her friends to steal the gold necklace that I got from him for Christmas in 1998, those beanie babies are all I have left.

His death made me grow up faster than any seven-year-old should have to. I was afraid to show any emotion. I quickly figured out that if I was strong, I could help my mom. Even though she and my dad were separated and trying to get a divorce when he died, I think she was sad because she saw what losing him did to my sisters and me. That was when Chelsea's problems really started, and me? I'm not proud of it, but I refused to go to church, or even believe in God, for four years because my heart was hurting so horribly, and my young mind couldn't understand how a God that was supposed to love me could take away my father. I never "got over it" but I did come to terms with it. The beautiful thing about God is that He loves us even when we turn our backs on Him.

One of my favorite stories that my mom tells me is that in March of 1999, when I was at Duke having half my thyroid removed, my daddy was there, too, four floors above me. He called me every day that I was in recovery, and no matter how much pain I was in, my face always lit up at hearing his voice. I don't remember what I said. But that's not the important part. The important part to me is that he was my favorite person. I was Daddy's Princess. As my mom put it, I never ceased to amaze him or make him laugh with all the smart things I could say from a very young age. Now? I just hope I've made him proud. Family tells me that there's no way I couldn't have done that, but still. It just hurts to know that I'll never know.

This post wasn't easy for me. I was scared I'd never find the words to introduce him to you. I just wanted to get this off my chest and show the world the man who helped give me life.

Rest In Peace, Daddy. I miss and love you so much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am not a mom!

Today, I went out to lunch with Kasey and her babies, Peyton and Logan. (Remember this post?) It was a treat for my birthday since she didn't get to come to my party on Sunday. She brought the babies into the restaurant in their double stroller, and they were sitting next to the table. Waitresses were constantly coming up to look at them, of course.

Well, Kasey went to the bathroom towards the end of lunch, and while she was gone a waitress came up and was talking about how cute they are, and she asked me what their names were so I told her, and then she asked, "So how do you like having twins?"
I just kind of looked at her and grinned and was like, "Uh, they're not mine. I'm 17."
Waitress: Really?!
Me: Yeah, actually, I just turned 17 yesterday.
Waitress: Whoa. I so thought you were like 23, and that they were yours. Lucky you, cause pretty much everyone thinks I'm 17, and I'm 22. I'm sorry!
Me: *laugh* Don't worry about it. I get it a lot.

And really, I do, because no matter what people I'm with, if I'm with a young kid, everyone automatically assumes the kid is mine. In fact, when I was 13, a lady thought my 6 year old cousin was my daughter. Yet, no matter how many times it happens, it never gets old or ceases to make me laugh. :)

It was so good to spend time with Kasey! Lately she's more like a sister to me than my own sisters. She gave me such great advice about lots of different stuff, and it was just nice to talk to someone who actually listened to me. And the chocolate cheesecake I had for dessert? That was just extra goodness.


Speaking of babies, I think my mom is a psychic. She has predicted all three of Kasey's pregnancies (1 miscarriage). And about a month ago when her best friend Rachel got married to her daughter's father, she warned her to "be careful" because she had had a dream that Rachel was pregnant again. Rachel thought her two nephews who are 2.5 years apart were "waaaaaaaay too close together" and was adamant that she wasn't going to have another kid till Abby was at least 4. Abby and this new baby are going to be 13 months apart! She called my mom yesterday and said "Damn you and your dreams! Joe's getting a vasectomy!" They just found out about 15 minutes before she called my mom, too. And when I heard my mom laughing as they hung up, I came out of my room and asked, "Is she pregnant?" She was laughing about it for like an hour. We told Kasey about it, and she was like "You better not have anymore dreams about me!" Hahaha.

You know what they say - if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Just felt like making a post cause it's my birthday. :)
I keep saying that 17 sounds so much older than 16. I don't know why; it just does.
One more year till I'm legal!
I'm doing absolutely nothing today, and strangely enough, I'm okay with that.
It's nice to have a day to relax after four straight days of work.
My mom had to take my grandma to get a biopsy on her breast today, so prayers that everything turns out fine would be much appreciated.
Landon brought me Ferrero Rocher chocolates. I'm happy.
My mom's food is still awesome. :)
Yay me! Hahaha, yes, I know I'm weird. You don't have to remind me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Party like it's your (graduation and) birthday!

MY PARTY WAS AMAZING. And my mom is awesome. She was up till 4:30 doing stuff last night and worked her butt off all day today. As did I, but I got 8 hours of sleep last night. So she rocks. And the food was amazing. Tacos, fajitas, beans, rice, cheese dip, and fresh fruit all made by my mom (well, not the fruit, but you get the point.) I am so super tired and sore, but it was amazing. And my uncle Ed is gonna call and take care of the fact that some idiot at Campbell totally ignored all the requests I made for my dorm assignments, so I don't have to worry about that. It was an AWESOME day. :) And pictures, yippee!

my uncle Mark

my aunt Heather

my cousin Emily's 2-year-old Ava

I love parties. Who wants to guess how much money I got???? Hahaha.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have never.

Been this tired. In my entire life.
Yesterday was moving furniture and cleaning.
Today was moving tables and more furniture and cleaning and food prep.
I am so tired.
And you know what the pathetic part is?
I didn't get out of bed till 1.
Yay for migraines, huh?
And I get to do this all day tomorrow, too.

How is everyone else?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dude. Guess what.

I have my diploma!!!!!!!!!!

AND AND AND I got a major surprise.
I also got my final transcript.
My final ranking and GPA?

6th in my class. 4.5 GPA.

Is that freakin AWESOME or what?
My ranking was 11th last time I saw my transcript this year.

I'm stoked.
Pictures to come tomorrow or something. I had a long day of moving furniture and cleaning and stuff before graduation tonight. So I'm tired.


Update: Okay I lied. Pictures tonight. Cause I'm wired and don't feel like doing anything else. :)

My French teacher, the best teacher ever. Mr. Laughinghouse.

Mrs. Long, my Academic Derby coach and mentor.

Align Center

Me with grandma, mom, and sister Holly.

Yay me.

And I must say, hearing the gasps of the crowd when they announced my $60,000 scholarship felt really good. Hehehe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Music and revelations and people.

Yeah, sorry, I can't come up with a remotely imaginative title today.

I love music. I really do. I love everything from '80s rock to pop to Taylor Swift, the only even somewhat country singer I will listen to. It helps me relax. It helps me think. And no matter what, you can always find a song that relates to how you're feeling. I mean, I'm generally pretty good about getting out my feelings, just in regular writing, but when it's set to music and I'm hearing someone else express it, it's like it makes so much more sense in my head. Isn't it just beautiful?


I had a revelation the other day. I was ranting to my friend JD (the wonderfully awesome woman that she is) about Matt (I know, I know, just wait for it) and I realized something.

"I KNOW I need to get over him. It's the only way I'm going to get my sanity back. Because as wonderful and amazing and kind and loving as he is, he doesn't get to be my whole world anymore."

I guess it finally just came to me that being this crazy about someone who's obviously got no interest in you is going to get me nowhere. Yes, I still love him so much it sometimes hurts, but I have to find a way to focus on something else. I got so caught up in him and all that he's done for me that I began to act like he's the only good thing in my world. While he is the only consistently good thing, he's not all I have. I mean, heck, I'm graduating high school tomorrow! And I have my party on Sunday. And I have my mom. And I have music. And I have faith. He was my everything for so long that I couldn't remember what it would be like without him. I'm going to college in August. As hard as I feel like it is to be connected to him while I'm stuck here and he's away at college, it's going to be ten times harder when we're both away and might not/probably won't come home at the same time. I have to be okay with that. And I know I will be. I'm going to go and find people other than him who remind me that not all people my age are mean, superficial, and heartless.

The chorus to one of my current favorite songs kind of fits this for me....."Breathe" by Taylor Swift.

"And we know it's never simple, never easy, never a clean break, no one here to save me. You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand. And I can't breathe without you, but I have to breathe without you, but I have to."

Did I mention I love music? :)


Agh, so we had graduation practice this morning. SOOOOO boring! 2 hours, running through the whole program 3 times, and people would not shut their mouths for five seconds even though that would've gotten us out of there in like half the time, but teachers were getting mad at all the insanely loud people so they added on an extra run-through for torture. And I was stuck directly behind this one freakishly loud girl who was talking to EVERYONE. I felt like banging my head against a wall. Yet another of the many reasons why I'm so not going to miss these people.



The end. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whoa baby.

For some strange reason, it's taking a while to sink in that I'm done with high school. Classes were done Thursday, and after taking two tests tomorrow, I'll be done with my online class. I could do those tests tonight, but my brain's slightly toast from doing basically nothing but read tonight and last night. But yeah....I have graduation practice on Wednesday, and then the big day on Thursday.

All of this, of course, is dragging back the gnawing fear of actually becoming an adult. Okay, so techincally college doesn't mean you're an adult, but I still have to move out and leave my mom, and separation anxiety has kind of haunted me ever since my dad died. (That and a bad paranoia that something bad has happened to my family, but that's another story.) I'm nervous. But apparently that's normal? I don't know. This is one of those times that no matter how many people tell you it's completely normal to feel the way you do, you still feel like a freak or a baby.

Strangely enough, my life's kind of dull right now. Sisters aren't causing any drama (for the first time in like a decade) and my mom and I are just chill because they're not being stupid.

Now, if I didn't have the sinuses from hell, everything would just be gravy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm sorry...WHAT?!

So my mom and I went over to my grandma's house for dinner tonight. She told us that my uncle Kirk has been kicked out of our town's soccer association. Not only was it for no reason whatsoever, kicking someone in my family out of the soccer association, in our town, is like giving the finger to the Queen of England. Why?

Well, my grandpa actually brought soccer to our town. He organized the first high school teams, he built the soccer association, he got new fields, he coached several teams. He basically did everything you could imagine. He was the kind of man who would pay for kids to participate in soccer if he knew they wanted to and their families didn't have the money. He's such a big deal that it's been 15 years since he died and there's still a Memorial Tournament held every year in his name. My uncle has continued that. He's been a part of soccer in this town since he was a teenager. He did free environmental work to set up new land for a new soccer complex, on top of going to dozens of meetings . He's coached countless teams. Just like my grandpa, he's done everything one man possibly could to help take care of soccer teams in this town.

Then, some new jerk comes in two years ago, works his way up to president of the soccer association, and the second his precious little boy doesn't make the team that he wants, he decides to kick out my uncle! It might be a little easier to understand if my uncle had actually done something wrong, but no.

Agh, my whole family is fuming over this. Apparently, the jerk who's done this is the owner of the local Dairy Queen. So a bunch of people are boycotting that. And my mom had a craving for ice cream, so we went and bought a tub of it at the store for the first time in ages. It was so weird. But tasty.

Okay, I just wanted to tell that story.

P.S. HOLY CRAP. It is still so weird to think that I'm going to be done with high school classes tomorrow! Just sayin'...

Gonna make you sweat.

Holy cow. It is sweltering hot in my school right now. You'd think that because it's in the 80s outside right now, that'd make people want to have the air conditioning on. Right? Wrong. Whatever doofus controls the temp for this school thinks that it's fun to make it hotter inside as it gets hotter out. Not good for this easily overheated chica.

I got fussed at for turning in this take-home test today instead of yesterday. I didn't get it till Monday, when everyone else had the weekend, and our school absence policy says that you're supposed to have 3 days to make up assignments. Why my AP US History teacher thought I had to do this in one day, I don't know. And then I was an idiot and invited her to my party. Oh well.


I'm so unbelievably ready not to have to get up at 5:30. I'm so ready not to have to come and be ridiculed for no reason by people who don't even know me. I'm just ready to be done. Granted, I do have some assignments that I need to finish for my online class, but at least I can do those from the comfort of my own bed. I love my bed. Possibly more than a human being should love an inanimate object.

We're having this Victorian tea party in English today. Apparently costumes are a part of the grade, but I didn't know about that till Monday, and we just didn't have anything available or the money to go buy an outfit for one day. My English teacher is generally pretty awesome, but my mom thinks it's stupid and unfair that our ability to have Victorian clothes is part of our grade. Whenever my mom does themed things like this with her classes, costumes are extra credit. That's fair. I better not get points taken off just because my outfit won't be Victorian (I'm still dressing up). Oh well.


Did I mention it's hot in here? Cause yeah, it really is.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I have nothing important to say.

But I'm posting, anyway. Just 'cause it's the first of the month.

Yeah, I know. I'm weird.

The Prednisone and Albuterol are still keeping me awake at night, so I'm absolutely exhausted right now.

Three days. In 70 hours (2:30 pm EST Thursday) I will be done with high school classes. That sounds really weird to say.

*slaps self* Can't sleep....No....Can't.