Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I like water.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Mom and I wake up this morning planning to go shopping for dorm stuff. But after I make her a sandwich, we fell back asleep. (Surprise, surprise.) We wake up, and our water's been cut off. It's not fun not having water, just in case you were wondering. But it FINALLY came back on a couple minutes ago. We couldn't go shopping cause Mom needed to get a shower. She was all mad because she had to go out to the water company place all nasty lookin', haha. So we're just gonna go tomorrow after physical therapy, no big deal.


I get a new phone tomorrow! I know exactly what I want, too. It's a pretty, pretty phone.
I just hope our nearby Sprint store has it in stock. But basically, I just want a new phone that has a slide-out full keyboard for texting purposes. Pretty sweet belated birthday present, huh?


I need to do thank you cards. The procrastinator in me is really dreading that. Especially because these stupid headaches will not go away. They won't even lighten up.


It's been made abundantly clear that I've totally lucked out when it comes to my schedule for the fall. I've been reading what a bunch of other freshmen are saying and pretty much everyone else has a complaint. One girl has class on Tuesday from 8 am to 9 pm. Hehehe. I'm really really really hoping they don't change mine. And I'm still trying to convince my mom that five classes is plenty for a freshman who's trying to get used to everything about college life. We'll see. Orientation is July 10 and 11. I've got a trip to Shriner's Hospital on July 6 and 7, so that's gonna be a busy week.

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