Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turkey legs.

Not much to say, just wanted to post this funny conversation my mom and I had earlier.

My mom was in the kitchen, and I was in my room with the door closed.

Mom: Hey Mal, have you heard anything from Uncle Ed?
Me: *comes out of room* What?
Mom: Have you heard anything from Uncle Ed?
Me: Nope. *laughs* I thought you said something about turkey legs.
Mom: Oh, I did. I was trying to tell you about evil turkey legs.
Me: Evil turkey legs, eh?
Mom: Yep, there are evil turkey legs invading Russia.
Me: Hmm.....Maybe they can get rid of the communists.

:D It may not seem funny to you all, but it makes me laugh.

We also had a conversation in the car today about what it would be like if I married Brad Pitt, but that's for a completely different post. ;)

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