Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whoa baby!

So...I don't really like surprises when I know they're coming.

But my mom walks in the house tonight after going to get food from Wendy's. She hands me this envelope, apologizes for opening it for me, and says I'm really going to like what's inside. It's from the church that I left three years ago after being humiliated and mistreated and other bad things, so I'm a little confused.

Guess what was in it.

Five hundred dollars in cash.


I nearly fell over in shock. And the even more adorable thing about it is that I have no idea who sent it. They didn't sign the letter. But God bless 'em, whoever it was.


Another awesome surprise came from my Uncle Ed yesterday.

He wants to buy my bed for my dorm, and the chair I need to get because I'm not allowed to have a recliner due to fire marshal regulations.

AND he told my mom that he has some Foreign Service friends who work with one of the best foreign service language programs in the country. He wants to fly me out there (I think it's in California) over one of my breaks to meet them.


They could be connections to get my dream job of working in an embassy! It would be so amazing if I could get into one of them after college. They only work with the best and the brightest, and my uncle said his friends are already happy to meet me.

How amazing is that? :) God is awesome.


  1. God is good indeed!!!!!!! Those are some great surprises, Mal!


    I'm confused -- recliner, fire marshall? What the?? LOL

  2. Picture this - Mallory reclining in her chair. There's a fire! She can't possibly get out of the chair in time! Yeah - I don't really get it either :)

    Congrats on all the good news - I love coming to your blog & hearing good stuff (of course I still want to hear the yucky stuff too).

  3. Wow! I pray you let the money given help in the healing process. Someone over there obviously loves you very much! :)