Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dude. Guess what.

I have my diploma!!!!!!!!!!

AND AND AND I got a major surprise.
I also got my final transcript.
My final ranking and GPA?

6th in my class. 4.5 GPA.

Is that freakin AWESOME or what?
My ranking was 11th last time I saw my transcript this year.

I'm stoked.
Pictures to come tomorrow or something. I had a long day of moving furniture and cleaning and stuff before graduation tonight. So I'm tired.


Update: Okay I lied. Pictures tonight. Cause I'm wired and don't feel like doing anything else. :)

My French teacher, the best teacher ever. Mr. Laughinghouse.

Mrs. Long, my Academic Derby coach and mentor.

Align Center

Me with grandma, mom, and sister Holly.

Yay me.

And I must say, hearing the gasps of the crowd when they announced my $60,000 scholarship felt really good. Hehehe.


  1. ***DOING A LITTLE DANCE*** (something reserved for the best of the best occasions, trust me... I leave the dancing to Josh in this family!!)

    Although I shared my sentiments on BlogFrog, I wanted to share them here too... I'm SO proud of you, what a phenomenal end to a difficult year. Your hard work, tenacity and perseverance paid off, Mal, and this new year will be a continuation of these victories.


  2. Yay Mallary!! Enjoy your academic success - & enjoy the summer!

  3. Oops - spelled your name wrong - sorry MALLORY!

  4. Well done girl. Good things come to good people. Hope your college years will be blessed, blessed, blessed!

  5. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You rock! Awesome achievement!