Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gonna make you sweat.

Holy cow. It is sweltering hot in my school right now. You'd think that because it's in the 80s outside right now, that'd make people want to have the air conditioning on. Right? Wrong. Whatever doofus controls the temp for this school thinks that it's fun to make it hotter inside as it gets hotter out. Not good for this easily overheated chica.

I got fussed at for turning in this take-home test today instead of yesterday. I didn't get it till Monday, when everyone else had the weekend, and our school absence policy says that you're supposed to have 3 days to make up assignments. Why my AP US History teacher thought I had to do this in one day, I don't know. And then I was an idiot and invited her to my party. Oh well.


I'm so unbelievably ready not to have to get up at 5:30. I'm so ready not to have to come and be ridiculed for no reason by people who don't even know me. I'm just ready to be done. Granted, I do have some assignments that I need to finish for my online class, but at least I can do those from the comfort of my own bed. I love my bed. Possibly more than a human being should love an inanimate object.

We're having this Victorian tea party in English today. Apparently costumes are a part of the grade, but I didn't know about that till Monday, and we just didn't have anything available or the money to go buy an outfit for one day. My English teacher is generally pretty awesome, but my mom thinks it's stupid and unfair that our ability to have Victorian clothes is part of our grade. Whenever my mom does themed things like this with her classes, costumes are extra credit. That's fair. I better not get points taken off just because my outfit won't be Victorian (I'm still dressing up). Oh well.


Did I mention it's hot in here? Cause yeah, it really is.

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  1. Uhm, you'd like Canada! Air Conditioning "au naturel". :o)

    Victorian... even if I did have such a costume, I wouldn't be wearing it -- points or no points!!

    How many more minutes until graduation? What's in your plans for the summer?