Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People as a whole don't generally suck.

Nerds like me, we love the first day of school.  I couldn't wait to go to my classes, see if I had any people I already knew in them, get my first impressions of my professors, get the syllabi, everything about the fun new feeling about all of it.

Like I said, I'm a nerd.  And I will freely admit that. :)

French Literature was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be.  It's basically like your average English class, just in a foreign language.  The only other student in it is Pam, who I knew from our Conversation class last semester, so it will be nice.  And I love Dr. Steegar.  The work is going to be tough, but I absolutely love the French language.  So I'm happy, not worried about it all.

General Psychology seems to be okay.  I've always been interested in Psychology, so I'm glad I Get to take this as an elective.  The professor seems to be the perfect combination of kind/caring and serious about her work.  I'm happy I got a good seat in the class, too, because the room is tiny (it's in the basement of our Religion building) and there are a lot of people.  The work load seems like your typical college class.  There's no papers, and only one group project, so it'll be fine.  The guys I sit next to seem nice.

Water Aerobics was cool.  The teacher is very chill, relaxed, and very compassionate.  He was super understanding when I explained to him about all of my physical disabilities and such, which put the concerns I had going in there at ease.  Plus, I met a girl in there named Chelsea (ironically enough) who was sweet enough to agree to drive me to and from the pool every day that we have class.  I walked from my dorm to the pool today (in the pouring rain!), and it was so painful.  This is a huge relief for me. 

College Algebra was fine.  The class is half online, which means I only have to go to class once a week instead of twice, so that's pretty awesome.  That aside, it's Algebra.  I took Algebra 1 at age 11 in 7th grade and got like a 96 on it.  I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.  The teacher seems okay. 

So yeah, I'm happy with today.  There were a lot of nice people in my day.  It reminds me that the amount of nice people at this school (and in the world in general) far outnumber the amount of mean people.  That helped fight against this horrible migraine I've had all day.  Of course the first day of class was the first day in weeks that I woke up with a migraine.  Hey, what can you do?  I spent like an hour tonight sitting at my desk in the pitch black with my head down, and that helped a lot.

Tomorrow's agenda includes French Conversation & Composition, Macroeconomics, and a meeting with Dr. Mero about College Democrats.  I'm really going to appreciate not having to get up until 9:30.  I think I'm going to go to bed now in hopes of sleeping off the rest of this headache.

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