Thursday, January 26, 2012

My lucky day? Um, sure.

Well, on the upside, now I know why I feel like dirt.  That kind of comes with the territory when you have bronchitis and a sinus infection.

The Campbell infirmary has this policy that you have to go and get seen by a nurse, and then set up an appointment to see the PA.

Yes, $30,000+ a year and we don't even get a real doctor. 

And technically, you're supposed to call beforehand to get an appointment to see the nurse.

Well, I didn't decide to even go to the infirmary until last night when my mom insisted that I go, and then when it was backed up by Ryann getting all persistent with me this morning.  She's so hilariously sweet.  So I decided to go after I ate lunch during my break between French and Economics.  I got in there about 12:45, and saw a nurse right then.

When she was done with the simple stuff she had to do, she brought me back out to look at the appointment book.  She said the only one they had open for the rest of the day was 3:15.  I don't get out of class till 3:20.  Some other nurse behind her said, "Well, it's your lucky day.  Our 1:00 appointment isn't here yet, you can be seen now."

I never thought "lucky day" and "bronchitis and a sinus infection" could be used in the same meeting.

But hey, now I know.  Now. I. know.

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  1. Bronchitis and a sinus infection?!?!?!?! Ick! Hope you feel better really soon. :)