Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Procrastination: It's not just for school.

So, um, I gave my speech at church tonight.  For someone as freakishly shy in front of crowds as I am, that was nervewracking.  But either I'm really good at faking it, or people are just really nice, because a bunch of people said they couldn't tell that I was nervous.  To sum it up, it was all about my journey through all the medical issues I've been dealt, and what I learned from it, and how I came out on the other side closer to God and stronger. 

I didn't bring notes.  Partially because I was afraid that if I brought notes I'd spend too much time looking at them instead of at the people, and partially because, hello, I'm a college student aka a master of procrastination.  There are pluses and minuses to my choice, but I think that if I do this again for CUW, I won't bring notes there, either, because I'll be even more concerned about looking at notes too much there.  The good news is that I didn't stumble too much, and my voice held out despite this nasty chest crud that will. not. go. AWAY.

It was fine.  I mean, there are a few things I wish I'd said (see: minuses to not bringing notes), but it was a nice test run, and overall, I know what I'll say and what I should cut out and add for the next time.  The dozen or so people that showed up prayed for me for basically all of the medical stuff that I talked about, so I was trying to not go TOO in detail.  I was nervous that too many details I would bore them.  But I knew almost everyone from past stuff, and they all seemed to be touched and appreciative.  So I'm pleased and, to be quite honest, relieved to have gotten it out of the way and to not have to fret over it anymore.

In the end, I think the important part isn't what I said - I think it's that I did it at all.  God is pleased that I obeyed Him and did what I felt in my heart He was asking me to do.  If He asks something, I need to do it, whether or not it makes me uncomfortable because if it can bring glory to Him, then I'm doing my job.  I'm a bit proud of myself for working past the nervousness, but mostly, I'm honored that God can use me in this way to minister to people.  If they ask me to speak at CUW, I'll do it again, too.

I might prepare a little more next time, though.  Just a tad.  Maybe.

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  1. So there's another college student out there who thinks that winging it on presentations is the way to success? ;)Seriously though, it's really great that you did this presentation, and I'm proud of you as I'm sure that it was hard to do something like that!