Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You're wondering what that title is about, aren't you?

I had my first Water Aerobics class today.  It was SO much fun.  I think it's going to be really good for me.  Right now, I'm really sore, but I guess that's to be expected when I had about 4 straight years where I was unable to exercise.  I think they call this the good kind of pain?

I love the guy who teaches it.  He's a lot of fun and very nice and understanding.  I told him all about my various disabilities (like the steel in my back that prevents me from doing a lot of the stretching exercises and such).  Throughout the entire class he gave me alternate exercises if we were doing something he thought I couldn't do, and he asked me about twelve times if I was doing okay.  He diesn't take anything too seriously.

He was cracking jokes the entire period.  Exhibit A?  When we had to do "frog jumps" (jumping, pulling your knees up to your chest, and pushing your hands down in the water) he told us we were required to yell "ribbit."  And when pretty much the entire class was hesitant, he screamed, "I can't HEAR YOU!"  It was hilarious.

The rest of my classes weren't very exciting.  Wednesdays are going to kick my butt this semester.  My first class starts at 8:00, and my last class doesn't end until 5:20.  Of course, I have lots of breaks, but those breaks are filled with lots of other random tasks I have to complete.  I'm grateful, though, that only one day out of the week is that crazy.  The other four are actually pretty easy.

I decided not to do the debate.  It's just a lot of extra time that I'm not sure I can commit to, and I don't want to let my club down.  It feels good, so my gut is telling me that's the right thing to do.

And the most exciting news of the day...when I got back to my room after Algebra and dinner, I checked my emails.  I got to my Campbell email, and I found one from the DC internship group that I am STILL waiting to hear back from as to whether or not I've been accepted.  They want to have a phone interview with me either tomorrow or Friday!  Because I didn't see the email until after the workday ended, I don't know yet when the interview will be because the time the lady who sent the email suggested is when I have class.  So we'll see.  I told her when I'm free tomorrow and Friday.  I'm so excited!!!  I mean, this has to be a good sign, right?!  I hope it is!  Ahhh!!  I'll keep you posted.  But cross your fingers!

I have to finish watching Revenge, and then I have to write a French composition that I didn't remember that I had to do until about an hour ago.  And then, I'm going to bed because 6:30? That was a looooong time ago.

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  1. Keep us updated about the internship!
    (And weirdly enough, I was thinking at work today about asking you if you'd heard anything about the internship.)