Friday, January 27, 2012

Ending on a high note is always good.


I have no idea why I always want to start out my blog posts with that.  It's probably because that's how I tend to start out stories that I'm telling in person.  Anyway.

Today didn't start off so great. 

I slept like crap.

It was pouring rain and I got soaked because even supposedly "jumbo size" umbrellas aren't made big enough to cover a whole person and their bookbag.  And my umbrella flipped inside out.  But only my left side and my bookbag were soaked in my 7 or 8 minute walk to French.  Which doesn't really make sense that only my left side got wet because the wind blew my umbrella totally inside out in the middle of the walk, but whatever.

I had a headache.

I couldn't get answers right in Psychology for the life of me.

I choked on food during lunch and ended up throwing up phlegm and water all over a table.

But then, I came back to my dorm.  And things got better.

First, the full performance of "Smooth Criminal" from this Tuesday's Michael Jackson episode of Glee came out.  And whoa.  Mind = blown.

And then I went and was one of the timers at the swim meet.  And Campbell won.  It was a cool experience.

And Amy drove me there and picked me up.  We had already made plans to get dinner after, but when she picked me up, she said "I'd like to treat you to dinner as a celebration of you getting your internship, if you'll let me."  I have such amazing friends.

And then we went to Zaxby's, and it was delicious.

And I got my antibiotic filled so I can hopefully start feeling better soon.

And then I came back and rewatched the Glee "Smooth Criminal" video over and over and over again, and decided to look up the Croatian cello duo that was guest-performing in it.  And I found their personal music video of the song that made them such a huge Youtube hit that they're now going on tour with Elton John.  As a mediocre violin player, I am seriously in awe of these two and their talent.  You can tell the music and the energy is flowing through every inch of their body.  WATCH IT!!

They must go through a LOT of bows.  If you look closely enough, you can see all the hairs that have snapped and are flinging around.  Crazy, huh?

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  1. Are you sure we're not secretly twins separated at birth? I've played the violin for 9 years!