Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Favorite Kind

Today was busy.  Today was long, and I didn't even get up until 9:30.

11:00 French Conversation.  I got to see Ryann! Yay!!! :) I finally got to give her all of my Scopes notes that I saved for her, her Mac charger that she left in Steegar's office over Christmas break, and her picture.  She loved her picture, and that just makes me so happy.  Class was fine.  French class is always funny.  It's me, Ryann, Pam, and another girl named Taylor who I actually met last semester at the Study Abroad Fair, so it's cool.  We also all talked with Steegar and we moved our French Lit class to 8:00 instead of 9:00 so that Ryann could add it and continue on the French Lit class she took last semester since she has another class at 9:00 (wow, that was a long sentence).  So YAY, I get two classes with my best friend!

Then, Ryann and I went to lunch with her friend Bryce.  We went to a deli on campus that I surprisingly have never eaten at before, and it was delicious.  Bryce was super nice.  That was just fun.

Then I went and chilled in the building where my 2:00 class was, because I certainly wasn't going to go back to my dorm - by the time I got back to my dorm, it would be time for me to leave to get to class.  And then Econ was fine, not exciting but not totally boring, either.  The professor seems pretty cool, and the workload is minor.  I think it's safe to say that my two French classes are going to be my biggest stressors/concerns this semester, so I'm totally good with that.

Then I went and had a meeting with Dr. Mero.  That was really nice.  I really like him.  He's very cool, and he really likes me, too, so we get along great, and he trusts me with all the important College Democrats information and stuff.  Plus, we got had some good laughs about all the dumb people in
the State & Local Government class last semester.

And then I ate dinner, and took a shower, and did a crapload of homework.  And here I am.

Today was busy.

Today was long.

But today was awesome.

And that's my favorite kind of day.

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