Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sorry, there's no deep post tonight.

And to think, I was kind of on a roll there for a second.

Look over there in my left sidebar!  See that new button?  Isn't it pretty?  I joined this "One Word" community on Facebook which is just a bunch of people who have joined this whole "pick your word for the year" movement and we post about it on the wall and read each other's and stuff.  Well, one of the women posted saying she was making buttons for anyone who wanted one for free.  So I totally jumped on that train and immediately went over to her blog to comment that I wanted one.  You know how long it took for her to email me back with the button already done?  SIX MINUTES.  My mind was sort of blown.  Add that to the list of reasons I love blogland.  99% of the people you meet randomly on here are just awesome!

Three days to Campbell, three days to Campbell!  I cannot wait to get out of this house.  Because, seriously, listening to Chelsea talk and talk and TALK gets really old.  Factor in that basically every other sentence is her saying I FEEL HORRIBLE OMG THIS SICKNESS IS SO BAD DID I MENTION I FEEL HORRIBLE?!?!?! and I pretty much want to cut out my own ears just to make it stop.  I've tried really, really, really hard to be nice but finally today I was just like WOMAN! YOU'RE NOT DYING AND WE GET IT THAT YOU'RE SICK SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!  She thinks she's so much sicker than Mom or I were/are (Mom's still sick), when the difference is just that we don't constantly complain about it.  And even when my mom and I ask her nicely to please stop talking constantly, she refuses to shut up, even though she knows she's being annoying.  But it's just how Chelsea's mind works.  This behavior isn't new.  I just really wish she'd learn that I don't need to know every single conversation she has with people at work especially when 75% of them consist almost entirely of OMG CHELSEA'S SICK WHY IS CHELSEA AT WORK CHELSEA NEEDS TO GO HOME OMG CHELSEA'S SICK.

Add that to the list of reasons why my mother is my hero. 

I promise I'm in a perfectly fine mood.  I'm just ranty.  And way too hyper for 11:35 pm.

Nothing else exciting happened today.  I did some laundry.  I watched TV.  But mostly I hid from Chelsea.  Well, actually tried to hide.  Because it's impossible to hide from Chelsea.

On to tomorrow.  At least tomorrow I get out of the house.

Oh PS? I may find out whether or not I got my DC internship as early as this weekend!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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