Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why can't every day be this awesome?

Do you know what's one of the best feelings in the world?  Holding in your hands the product of weeks of prayer for some of your dearest friends, and knowing that their hard work has come to fruition, and being so excited you can hardly stand it when you think about what the future is going to bring for them.  It really is surreal.

All of that and so much more was racing through my head when I went to the post office today and pulled out this.

I promptly called Bruno and left him a message telling him just how proud of them all I am and how excited I am to finally have it in my hands.  He played it for the others, and Taylor tweeted me later and told me my message was "as sincere and genuine as he's ever heard" and he knows I meant every word of it. 

Plus, the thing is just gorgeous!  They did a fantastic job of designing the case.

And seriously, aren't these kids, like, so freaking pretty?  Seriously.

Part two of why this day is awesome: My phone interview for my internship with the Institute that I applied to (Economics and International Affairs).  I think it went really well!  The lady on the phone, Haley, was really nice.  It only lasted about ten minutes, and I think I did a fair job at not letting on how jumpy with anxiety and nerves I was.  She said that Dr. Thornton had great things to say in his recommendation letter, and they take his words very seriously.  Best of all, though?  This is the last step in the application process.  I was her last phone interview of the week.  Decisions will be online this weekend.  Ahhhh!!!!! :D  (This is the best part because, to me, waiting is worse than the possibility of rejection.)

Needless to say, I am having a fantastic day. 


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  1. Good luck with the internship! I'm praying that you get it. It sounds amazing.