Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well, this is weird.

It's 8:50 on a Sunday night, and I'm actually done with all of my homework.  In fact, I finished about 35 minutes ago.

And I showered, shaved, plucked my eyebrows, watched the 2nd half of the State basketball game (because I didn't remember it was on until then, and as a side note, I pretty much want to marry Scott Wood - hasn't missed a free throw all season! 56 free throws in a row! ACC record!) and did my dishes.

I don't know if this has ever happened before.

I'm excited for tomorrow.  Ryann was on a ski trip all weekend, so I'm not sure if she got my text about the internship on Friday, and if she didn't I know she's going to completely freak out.  Plus, I actually understood the reading I had to do for French Lit, which was also a new experience.  Plus, I get to go to Water Aerobics tomorrow.

Mom let Chelsea back in.  Not surprised.

I'm not sure why I bother blogging this random dull nonsense.  It's not like twenty years from now I'm going to wonder what I did on a random Sunday in January 2012, but hey, it's fun.  And a habit.

And yes, in case you were curious, I'm still on Cloud Nine about DC.  Add that to the list of reasons I am excited about tomorrow - I get to go mail off the deposit check. :)

Also, I got 108 points on one four-letter word in Words With Friends.  It was awesome.  Who knew "prez" was a real word?


I think I'm going to bed early.  Might as well.  I have nothing better to do, and 6:30 is early.


  1. that word better not have been against me!!! :) glad you are having such a great day!!!

  2. Actually, you might find it really fun in 20 years to look back and see what a typical day was like in 2012. :)