Sunday, January 29, 2012

My mom is a genius.

My mom decided several months ago that if I got into my DC program this summer, she was turning my room at home into a Wolfpack room for Blake.  This way he gets out of Chelsea's and there might be a better chance of keeping his stuff organized.  It doesn't in Chelsea's room because Chelsea's a slob.

Well, she just sent me pictures of the room almost entirely done.  She said all that is left is adding a few decals and a stencil of the NC State logo she's borrowing from a friend. 

Look at these pictures.  This woman is a freaking genius!  I still firmly believe she was meant to be a teacher, but I'm fairly certain she was an interior decorator in a past life.

Sorry the quality sucks.  She texted me the pictures (yay for her learning picture mail) and I don't know how to blog from my phone, so I had to email them to myself to upload them.

I, for one, LOVE IT.  I can't wait to see what it looks like in person.  Only five weeks till Spring Break.

Wolfpack Pride, baby.

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