Monday, January 23, 2012

In need of stress relief.

Because the things that are usually my stress relief (music, teen soaps on ABC Family) don't seem to be cutting it.

I love the College Democrats.  I promise, I do. 

But here's the thing.  They are wasting. my. time.

My sole job is to print and distribute flyers!  A trained monkey can do that. 

They don't ask me for my ideas. 

They meet with each other and decide things without bothering to tell me. 

And that's on top of our obsessive president who feels the need to have an officer meeting of some kind every week on top of regular full-group meetings and events.  We had a meeting tonight and have two events this week, one of which was organized by the College Republicans but for some reason we're required to attend?

And then they tell me I'm supposed to raise $1500 in the next three months for Relay for Life.  I don't go home.  I don't have a car to drive around and ask people.  Does this matter to them?  No, because they all have cars and go home whenever they please.

And there's no talking to these people because the last time I tried that, they were so condescending they stopped just short of patting me on the head and telling me to be a good little girl.  If this doesn't change reaaal quick, I'm talking to Dr. Mero.  I have way more important things and people I can focus on who will actually treat me with some respect.

On an unrelated note, I went and filled out the enrollment form for the internship tonight and then found out that I was supposed to mail in a "payment voucher" with my deposit check this morning.  A voucher I didn't know existed until I finished the enrollment form.  Oops?  That means I get to go back to the post office tomorrow, most likely, which is funny since I've been there every day (except this weekend) for the past week.

Deep breaths.  Tomorrow is a new day.  There will be new people.

Lord, I pray that I wake up in a better mood.  And also, if I could wake up without this sinus headache, that would be just super.

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  1. What is your role in the College Democrats? Are you an officer? Hope they start treating you better really soon!