Sunday, December 25, 2011

Focus on Jesus

That's what I've had to repeat to myself about six thousand times today.

Focus on Jesus.

Because frankly, today was hard.  And I am not in a good mood.  And Jesus is all I can really focus on at this point, or I'll cry.

The day started out with Chelsea yelling at me till I cried because I accidentally broke something and ended with me feeling, per usual, left out because when Holly's home Mom doesn't pay attention to anyone else.

I just don't like my family.  Does it suck?  Yes.  Do I wish I felt differently?  Yes.  But that's just how it is when I get tired of being the only one putting in effort and then being ignored.

The one thing that's kept me sane today, aside from God (the obvious), was a visit from this kid.

I can't stand being in this house.  I pray to God that I get this DC internship because I don't know if I can take twelve weeks here this summer.  I'm going crazy.  Being here makes me so depressed.  I can't wait to go back to school.

Thank you God for your mercies that are new each and every morning.  I am thankful for my best friend, Your everlasting love, and that tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Hugs to you. Wish I were closer and then I would've come and visited you for Christmas.