Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Go ahead. Make my day.

Chelsea went to work and Blake slept in.

And when Chelsea got home, she was in a good mood and hasn't tried to start any fights at all today, which is sort of a miracle.

I was in a productive mood today (and you know how I am when I get in those), so I did four and a half loads of laundry (I say "and a half" because the first load was one Chelsea washed but never put in the dryer).  Now I have all clean clothes.  Those are kind of important, wouldn't you say?

So as you can see, I was already having a pretty great day.  In fact, I would've been perfectly happy with this alone.  Something really cool happened this afternoon, though.  It will probably seem small to you, but it's pretty much the highlight of my week thus far.  The Vespers had another podcast of their "The Reason & Rhyme Show" that they stream online nearly every Wednesday.  (I say nearly because, ya know, stuff happens, and it's sort of new still so it's not regular.)  This episode was a wrap-up of 2011 where they talked about their favorite things they experienced this year.  They announced their "Vespy Awards," which were for all sorts of random things including Best Beard, Best Host, Best Food, Favorite State (that they played in), and Fan of the Year.  I had no idea this was coming, mind you, and the first thing that was said after Bruno mentioned the Fan of the Year award was Callie saying "I'm definitely nominating Mallory Jones."  And a huge grin just broke out on my face.  As I have said before, I don't support them for the attention, but being surprised with that was just a great pick-me-up, and perfect timing after the past few days. :) I love those kids.

Tomorrow I'm off to Raleigh.  I'm so excited for the basketball game, and to tell my neurologist how great I've been doing!

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