Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Game day.  The last game for some incredible seniors.

The Belk Bowl.  Charlotte.  8:00.

The match-up?

The Wolfpack and the Louisville Cardinals.

We've never beaten the Cardinals before.  This season, both teams were "comeback kids," teams no one expected to get bowl bids based on the first half of the season, but managed to come back in the second half of the season and blow through.  So I knew it was going to be a tight game.

Louisville had ten true freshmen starting this game, six on offense and four on defense.  One of those ten?  Their quarterback.  If you don't know football, I will just tell you that that is INSANE. 

It was a ridiculous game overall.  There were a lot of sloppy mistakes on both sides, and the momentum went back and forth all the time.  Neither team was clearly crushing the other. 

But we won. :)  And what a way to end for seniors like Audie Cole

a defensive beast, an unstoppable force against extremely talented quarterbacks, and TJ Graham

who made more beautiful runs and touchdowns than I can even remember this season, without whom we would not have made it this far.

There are a few other players that must get credit for how my Wolfpack (yes, I call them mine) landed themselves first IN the Belk Bowl, and then ownership of the Belk Bowl trophy.  CJ Wilson

who, thank the Lord, has another year of eligibility, and like Graham, can run through tacklers like lightning.  And an obvious choice, our quarterback, Mike Glennon

who stepped into the seemingly-impossible-to-fill shoes left behind by Russell Wilson and subsequently proved that he can take care of the Wolfpack just fine.  Thank heavens this kid has another year to go, too, because he will only get better.

And while Mike Glennon was named Player of the Game, my kudos are going to the master of interceptions, David Amerson.

This man right here is a true sophomore.  Coming into tonight, he had a record of 11 interceptions, the highest in the entire COUNTRY right now, and tied for the 4th highest of all time.  Tonight?  He made two more interceptions, one of which was a run across almost the entire span of the field which led to a touchdown.  That's thirteen interceptions.  And in one season, too!  He didn't make any last year!  That bumped him up to tied for the second highest number of interceptions of all time.  And did I mention he's A SOPHOMORE?!?!  The first place number?  Fourteen.  I predict before his junior year is over, he'll have this record all to himself. 

I love my Wolfpack so, so very much.  It's going to be so weird going to the basketball game on Thursday and not cheering for them, but I can't betray my school. ;)

The rest of today sucked for more reasons than one, so that's why that's all this blog post is about.


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