Monday, December 19, 2011

Problem Solved

I know that I don't know this woman at the head of the TFAS Financial Aid Department, but I'm a big, big fan of hers.  Mom said she was super understanding when she explained to her all of the details that I mentioned in yesterday's post, and she had a simple solution.  Dana (the woman) said just fax in my 2010 Social Security Benefit Statement, Mom's 2010 W2 (if you pay taxes, you know what that is. I don't.), and a short letter explaining why I couldn't send in what they requested.  We already had the statement and the W2 at hand because we organized all of the stuff last night, and the letter took like fifteen minutes.  Simple enough.  And Mom can send it using the fax machine at her school. :) 

I am SO RELIEVED that this is (finally!) taken care of.  Now I don't have to worry about anymore, and just wait with anticipation for the response that lets me know if I've been accepted or rejected. Cross your fingers!

I might as well go ahead and explain what this internship is all about.  I don't have anything else to blog about tonight!

The group that it is through is called The Fund for American Studies.  It is an international organization, but they are headquartered in Washington DC.  There are several different "institutes" (as they call them) that focus on different areas in Government, Economics, Business, Journalism, and Law (I think that's all).  Because I am an International Relations major, I applied to the IEIA: Institute on Economics and International Affairs.

The 2012 summer program runs from June 10 to August 4.  (That means I wouldn't even be home for my birthday! WHOA.)  Students in this program live in apartments on the Georgetown campus.  There are two parts to the program. 

The first is taking two classes at Georgetown that will be transferred back to Campbell for 6 hours of undergrad credit.  (Two less classes I have to fit into the next five semesters? Yes please!)  I can't remember the specific names of the classes I would (will???) be taking, but I do remember one is Economics and the other is International Government (or Politics or whatever, I don't feel like trying to find it on the website). 

The second is a 30-hours-a-week internship on Capitol Hill.  TFAS picks out where you intern, but they try and match it as closely to your institute/major as possible.  My DREAM choice is to intern in an embassy, and that is a possibility, so we'll see! 

Plus, there's all sorts of fancy meetings with really important people and fun activities.

It's pretty perfect.  For someone who wants to go to Georgetown for grad school, and who needs to be in DC to get started in her field, there's not really much else you could ask out of a student internship. :)

Have I made it clear that I want this so so so very much?!?!?!  Because I do.  I really do.  It's rolling admissions, so I should find out by the middle of January.  What would be awesome is if I found out before I leave for school January 8th, but considering how late it is, I'm not getting my hopes up. 

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