Monday, December 26, 2011


Why is it that on the day after a big event or holiday or whatever, you feel like you've been drugged?

That's what today has felt like. 

It felt nice, though. 

I slept in. 

Helped Mom take care of Blake because she feels like crap.  Our whole family is sick now.  It's fantastic.

And watched all of the Glee episodes I bought over the weekend.  That was a great relaxer and pick-me-up after all the crap that went down this weekend.

On to tomorrow.  We're supposed to go out and run errands and whatnot, but I'm highly doubting that'll happen considering the way Mom's chest sounds.  (For the record, it's exactly how I sounded a week ago.  Whatever this bug is, it's long-lasting, seeing as I'm still not well, and nasty.)

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