Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's officially official!

I am a TFAS applicant!  Mom faxed in the two pieces they needed today which means they finally started processing my application!  Yay yay yay yay yay.

Also official?  I am definitely sick.  I woke up last week with my chest tight, but I just thought it was the weather getting colder.  I wasn't wheezing so I just dealt with it.  Day by day the wheezing has gotten worse, phlegm in my chest arrived, and the terribly painful pleurisy pain came back for a visit.  Thank the good Lord above that this house is full of people whose immune systems suck so bad that we keep Prednisone on hand at all times.

Lastly, I agreed today to speak at my church on January 4th at their Wednesday night "Prayer and Praise" service about my story and what I've learned about God from it and that kind of thing.  The same church that essentially ostracized me 5 years ago.  I'm already nervous.  Haha!  This is my first public speaking experience, and I'm such a perfectionist about stuff like this.  As long as I keep my nerves under control, I'll be fine.  I just reeally felt like God was telling me to do this, just like He was telling me to volunteer to speak at CUW.  And this will be a WAY smaller crowd that the 900+ people that will be at CUW!  So yeah, this is a big step forward for me.  I'm almost certain I'd never have agreed to this a year ago.

I'm tired and my neck hurts, so this is all for tonight.  Onward to tomorrow, where I will get my ultrasound results.  I'm at peace with it all, so that's nice.

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