Friday, December 16, 2011

I may never look at Dasani the same way again.

I had another pelvic ultrasound today, ordered by my gynecologist.  Actually, it was technically ordered by a colleague of my gynecologist, since she was delivering a baby when I went to the office on Wednesday, but whatever.  She would've ordered it, too, had she been there.

This was a follow-up ultrasound to see if there is any progress from the one I had in July.  It's to check to see if the Provera pills I've taken every month since July have done their job and thinned out the lining of my uterus.  I don't know anything yet because ultrasound technicians are apparently, by law, not allowed to tell you anything, and this wasn't done at my office.  I'll find out the results on Wednesday.  If the pills worked, then I should be good to go.  If they didn't, we'll schedule a D&C for the following week. 

I'm at peace with the whole thing, really.  If I can survive 19 surgeries and beat at least half a dozen instances when I could have/should have died, I'm pretty sure I can handle an outpatient procedure whose only side effects are basically grogginess from drugs (well there's a shock, they sure as heck wouldn't do this to anyone awake) and what amounts to the period from hell.  So yeah, whatever needs to be done will be done. :)

I remembered to drink my water this time.  They said at least 40 ounces, which I also remembered, but since last time, 40 ounces wasn't enough, I wanted to drink more just to be safe.  Heh...well, it's safe to say that I drank just a tad too much.  My entire abdomen was cramping and contracting by itself and I was literally sweating my body was so tense.  By the grace of God, I went to the bathroom a little and held enough in that the technician said her view was perfect.  Thank the good Lord that I didn't have to go through that process all over again.  Note to all, however: do not drink 68 ounces of water an hour before an appointment and expect to make it.  It will not end well.  I felt nauseous for hours afterward.

And that's the end of my talk of the bathroom, I promise.  :)

Thankfully Chelsea has been sleeping pretty much all day long, and Mom and Mommom took me to Morehead City to have Japanese food (Hibachi, yum!) for dinner and a Walmart trip when Mom got home from work, so only the past hour has really sucked today.  I'm also thankful that Mom has told me to go to my room enough times that I didn't let myself get all worked up again.

23 days.

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