Friday, December 2, 2011

Day one down.

Got my two hardest finals out of the way today.

The good news is:

a) I feel WAY better about my English final than I did the midterm, so that's good.

b) And I feel really good about my Scope & Methods final, and got an 86 on the big report so I can stop worrying about it, so that's good, too.

c) I got the application submitted for my DC internship in before midnight tonight, which means I get 5% off tuition and priority scholarship consideration if they accept me.

d) Elizabeth came and rescued me and took me for hot chocolate at Starbucks because I told her I was in a bizarre/sad/depressed mood and needed to see a friendly face (see below for why).  Girl time with great friends is always helpful.

The bad news is:

a) There's a lot of stuff going on with Ryann and she might not be coming back to Campbell next semester and I'm so sad/sick over it that I had a really hard time focusing at all today.

b) I kissed Nick on the cheek yesterday as we left (I know, I didn't mention it!) and he didn't show up to breakfast, which means I got up at 6:40 for basically no reason, or answer my attempts to contact him at all today, so I had a mini panic attack that I screwed things up.  It scared me because even if things don't progress romantically, I still want to keep him as a friend.  I'm just gonna leave him be for the rest of the weekend.  I need to focus on Ryann anyway.

I'm just over today, honestly.  I need some sleep.  Thank God that tomorrow's Saturday and that every day is a new chance to feel His presence and blessings.

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