Friday, January 6, 2012

My grandma, she kinda rocks.

At the beginning of every semester, she takes me to the Commissary on Camp Lejeune and buys me a cart full of groceries.  I didn't know this until recently, but apparently military families don't have to pay taxes for their groceries on base.  So it's pretty awesome that she has lifetime privileges to get on base.  The beach is way nicer, and tax-free groceries are just gravy.  But yeah, she buys me a load of groceries every semester for no other reason than she loves me and is awesome.

Also, she has these CDs for each of her grandkids in her bank account, and I get $500 every semester, too, for various supplies and whatever else I need.  Because, again, she's awesome.  If I can ever manage to get a summer job, I'll try not to use all of mine up, but I know I definitely have a bit more than enough to get me to graduation.  Any extra I'll save for when I get my own place, or my wedding, or something.

So yeah, I went grocery shopping today.  It was nice because the weather was the perfect temperature so I didn't get all hot and sweaty, but my asthma also didn't flare up from it being too cold.

And then, when Mom got home, she made nachos for dinner, just because I told her I'd been craving them since we hadn't had them in forever and I bought the ingredients this afternoon.  And to be nice, since Chelsea refuses to do anything even though we all know she's capable, I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the disasters Chelsea left all over our dining room/livingroom/kitchen. I couldn't take the mess anymore.  It was for Mom and me.  Just because Chelsea's a slob, that doesn't mean we should have to live like it, too.

All in all, I'm in a good mood today, despite not so nice stuff.  I'm one day closer to Campbell, and it's the weekend which means Mom is home so I have a buffer against Chelsea.  Mom's dying my hair back dark tomorrow night because the dye from the first time is pretty much entirely washed out, and I told her I want to go back to school looking different (and so Ryann can see it in person). 

I found this on my friend Jess's blog, and I love it, so I'm putting it here for all to see.  Because it's kind of perfect.  Vivielle, this one's for you.  :)

G'night, folks.


  1. Your grandma does sound awesome!!! :) And I'm glad you posted it on your blog, too!! It's probably something I will read DAILY - along with my devotions.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Thank you for that. :) It's pretty perfect.

    You go back to Campbell tomorrow, right?