Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, I survived.

And I only wanted to shove Chelsea's head through a wall twice, so I'd call that a successful day. ;)

It wasn't a very exciting day.  (Big surprise there, I know.)  I got up at 9:30 because Mom needed me to help her finish packing.  They left at 10. 

I spent the rest of the day either cleaning or watching the Casey Anthony trial online.  Yes, I am fascinated by it.  You're talking to a girl who's been obsessed with Law & Order SVU since she was 10.  I'm so terribly sad that Chris Meloni is leaving!! :(

Chelsea and I promised Mom the house would be clean by the time she gets home   Well, Chelsea apparently thought it'd be fun to clean Mom's room, AKA The Black Hole of Doom.  So I spent a ridiculous amount of time sorting through mail from the past four years because a) I can't go in that room it's so dusty, and b) Mom likes to keep everything

Tomorrow is more cleaning and more trying not to smack Chelsea.  One day down, a day and a half to go.

P.S. Put this down in the record books under Most Graceful Moments:  Chelsea was outside when Blake started screaming, so I went to get him.  I picked him up, stepped back from the crib and stepped down hard on a tiny, hard plastic horse.  I nearly fell over but didn't, thank God, and the dang thing actually cut me!  Bravo to me. :)

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