Monday, June 13, 2011

Computer Issues

So, of course, nothing in my life can ever go the simple route.

I took my computer to the shop today, thinking all that was the problem was a broken power cord and some screwed up keyboard keys because of a spill.  That's something any computer repair shop can fix.

Well, turns out, the power cord wasn't broken.  There's a short on the circuit board which, long story short, renders my entire laptop useless.  Super, right?  Ha.

The freakin' awesome God-granted news, though?  I have this CD in my grandma's bank, that has money in it, some of which she gives me each semester for school.  She offered to take me to buy a new laptop tomorrow, and she'll pay for it, and just take the money out of my CD when she goes to get my money for the fall out.  Hallelujah, because I kinda need a laptop for school.  Also good is that my mom doesn't have to pay to have this computer fixed because she needs to stretch her money till the end of the month. 

So yay, new laptop, and yay Mommom! :)

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