Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am DONE.

Apparently, I'm the only sane one left in this family.

Chelsea's engaged.

To a guy she met on the internet.


And everyone else? Just seems to accept it.

I'm the only one willing to voice my opinion about how absurd, desperate, and pathetic this whole charade is.

But no, I get told to shut up.  No one bothers to tell the selfish, lazy, incompetent 22-year-old with Borderline Personality that she is NOT in love and should NOT be getting married.

But no, I'm the bad guy because I'm "so mean to Chelsea." Yeah, poor pitiful Chelsea.  The one who's threatened to kill me since I was 8.  The one who just today threatened to hit me because I told her to take Blake out of my arms.  The one who's been the main source of the hell this family has lived in for the past twelve years. 

One thing is for sure - I AM NOT COMING BACK HERE NEXT SUMMER.  I don't care if I don't get the DC internship and I have to do summer school all summer. I AM DONE.  I am done feeling like crap about myself.  I am done being treated like crap by Chelsea.  I am done being blamed for stuff that isn't my fault.  I am done having people mad at me when I've done NOTHING wrong and they should really be mad at Chelsea. 



  1. Wait, come again?
    Three weeks?
    One of my best friends got engaged after 31 days...but we went to college with him and have known him for years.
    They called off their wedding and then waited a year and just got married two weeks ago...
    I kind of thought that was nuts but they have been together now for over 2 makes more sense.

    But was this a stranger?

    If anything, it makes me think ANYTHING is possible.

    This may sound crass but it's only been one menstrual can't know a woman based on just one.


  2. LOL at Green Girl - that is SO true!

    I don't blame you for being disgusted Mallory.

  3. Yeah, if it was me I would try and remove myself from the situation. If I couldn't, I would keep myself busy! Get through school, get a career going and buy your own place. ;)