Sunday, June 19, 2011

More than worth it.

If you counted my money right now, you would see that technically, tonight cost me $42.  $33 went to LaDonna, my friend who drove me to Wilmington and back; $4 went to an enchilada and drink that I bought when I ate with the band before the show; $5 went to snacks and a drink I bought on the way home so I could take my medicine.  So yes, $42.

But really, to me, tonight was priceless.  I got to do something fun just for me that completely lifted my spirits at a time when I've truly felt like I'm going crazy.  I would've gladly spent all $80 that I had if it meant being able to go tonight.  It was seriously just that wonderful. 

LaDonna got to my house just before 7:00.  I introduced her to my mom because a) my mom wanted to meet her, and b) she was outside smoking, anyway, when LaDonna arrived.  We left just after 7:00 and talked the whole way to Wilmington.  We arrived at about 8:25, but we spent 15 minutes or so trying to find the venue.  It sounds ridiculous, I know, but the ridiculous part was that even though we had the address, the address numbers jumped all over the place and the lounge didn't have a sign out front!  I tried calling Taylor, but he didn't answer because the signal was bad indoors, so I finally had to resort to calling 411 to have them connect me to the lounge and having a worker tell me what they were next to.  Of course, we had driven right past it 3 times already.  So I got there at about 8:45 and when I went to pay, the doorman said he wasn't set up yet and didn't have any money to give me change, so he told me to just go in and he would find me when he got money.

As soon as I walked in, I saw the band sitting over in the corner, we sat there talking for a bit and then they decided to go eat and invited me to come with them.  I had nothing better to do, and since I was there alone, I went.  The first place we went to was absurdly expensive for what they were serving, so we ended up at this texmex place right next door.  Because I had eaten ravioli for dinner here at home before I left, I just got an enchilada.  It was HOT.  I usually love spicy food, but I had to eat a ton of ice just to get my tongue to stop burning.  Then, Phoebe had ordered wings and couldn't finish them all because there were 12 and she's tiny (haha), so I ate the last of her wings.  So I was happy.  It was nice to just hang out and talk with them.  When I mentioned that going to see them was my belated birthday present to myself, Taylor said he wished he had known because he would have bought my food. :) 

We were all back in the venue by 10:15.  As we walked back in, they told the doorman that I was one of the two people they were allowed to get in free, so they saved me $8! :)  They did sound check.  The venue managers told them they weren't allowed to go on till 10:45 because they wanted more people to come in.  I took a picture with each of them while we were waiting for 10:45 to come because Callie said it would be easier then than while they were trying to pack everything up and get out of the way for the next band.

Their set lasted from about 10:45 to 12:05.  I sold merch (CDs, posters, handmade hairclips) for them through the show and about 15 minutes afterward since heck, they needed someone to do it and I was there.  After all, they were kinda busy, ya know, playing and singing and then packing up a dozen instruments and other various equipment.  I saw this 8x10 picture of theirs and since it was only worth $5 according to their sell price I asked Taylor if that could be my birthday present.  He said "Of course!" and they all signed it for me.  I can add it to my collection.  We talked a bit more, and I got hugs from everyone (I even got a hug from Taylor right when I got there earlier that night) before I left.

LaDonna picked me up about 12:35 as I was standing outside talking to the four of them while they loaded the van and trailer.  We stopped by a gas station so I could get a snack and drink for my medicine, and arrived at my house at almost exactly 2:15.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm exhausted and sweaty (no AC in LaDonna's car, no AC in venue).  I just hope I can sleep with this emotional high I'm on. :D

Amazing, beautiful, fun, loud, hilarious, wonderful, totally-worth-the-$42-I-spent-and-then-some night.


  1. So glad that God provided the opportunity and the funds to go -- I know it's a night you won't soon forget!!

    Happy Bday Gift! LOL :O)

  2. What fun! I'm glad you had a good time. Personally I'm always more comfortable when I'm doing something so I would have helped with the merch too.