Friday, June 17, 2011

Best belated birthday surprise EVER.

Remember The Vespers?

Well, about a month ago, I found out they booked a show in Raleigh on June 14 and a show in Wilmington on June 18 (aka TOMORROW).  I figured the Wilmington show would be a bit more doable, and I knew Mom would take me to it...until she booked her surgery for today.  Once I knew she had surgery today and Matt couldn't afford a night off work, I figured my chances were shot.  By last week or so, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to happen and forgotten about it.

Until Mom brought it up tonight.  (She's fine, by the way.  Her surgery went just perfectly, and she feels just about as good as can be expected.)  She kept talking about how badly she wanted to take me to the show tomorrow night, and I ever so gently reminded her that there's no way in the world that she'll drive on painkillers OR that she'll be able to go without painkillers.  Sweet of her, but no.  I'd be heartless if I even considered it.

But the more I kept thinking about it, the more I figured "what the heck" and posted a simple comment as my Facebook status.  "Mallory Jones would pay someone to take her to Wilmington tomorrow night."

The power of Facebook, my friends.

After two of my friends who live out of town said that they so would take me if they were here, a girl I went to high school commented and said, "Hey, I'm home and I'll take you there."  So I get to go!!!!!!  Talk about a last-second divine intervention from God.  I'm SO freakin' thrilled to get to do this, and my friend said that she's got a crapload of college homework she has to do, and getting out of the house with a babysitter watching her son for her will give her an excuse to just sit down and get it all done.  So basically, I'm paying her babysitter, but I am totally okay with that.

I get to see Taylor and Bruno and Callie and Phoebe tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. That's great Mal - I hope you have a GREAT time tonight!