Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yay presents. Boo heat.

Spending the day with Mom was really nice.  That is, at least in the sense that we didn't fight and spent most of the time being goofy and cracking up laughing at each other.

The downside?  It's June. In North Carolina. June in North Carolina means one thing....brutal heat.  Today was so bad that after we ate lunch, which was a salad I've eaten a thousand times before and has never made me sick, I spent the next four hours going in and out of stores with a major case of an upset stomach and nausea so strong that it also made me feel like I was going to pass out.  So of course, every store we went to looking for one thing Mom needed ended up having a major sale that made the visit take three times as long as it should have but it's okay. 

She kinda spoiled me today.  Not only did she buy me the two poster frames that were my birthday present, she got me two Paris posters, a new pair of Reebok Easytones (which are like walking on pillows, I swear!), and three pairs of shorts that were on sale.  There's just no stopping that woman when she sees a good bargain. :)

Let's see, we dropped Blake off at daycare about 8:30 went to JCPenney, two different Belks, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshall's, Shoe Carnival, Sprint, the electric company, and O'Charley's for lunch.  All in the span of seven hours or so.  Needless to say, I am extremely exhausted.  But hey, at least I'm not sick to my stomach anymore!

2011 is already half over.  That's a little crazy to think about, isn't it?

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