Thursday, June 2, 2011

Staying Out of It

I have a problem with keeping my mouth shut. (Big shocker, I know.)

There's a couple reasons for it. 

First off, I'm just a naturally outspoken human being.  I speak my mind (most of the time, anyway).  I don't lie.  In fact, sometimes I'm too honest.

Second, I'm defensive of those I love.  That's something I've mentioned several times before.  So, for example, when Chelsea is in a particularly hostile mood, every part of me wants to get in her face and defend my mom.  Standing up for the people I love is just a part of me.  I'm ridiculously loyal, just ask Matt.

The more I grow up, though, the more I've realized that maybe all of those times my mom yelled at me to "stay in my room and stay out of it", she might've actually been onto something. Yes, me defending her is sweet.  But it doesn't help matters when Chelsea's in a rage.  All it does is make her come after me with a string of insults and make my blood pressure and heartrate rise.  It's not like it makes Chelsea back down at all.  It pisses her off more.

So since she's been in a particularly hostile mood this week, I've been trying really, really, really hard to stay out of it.  Yes, I've failed miserably.  But I'm trying.  I'm working on myself.  And that is what God appreciates.

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