Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yes, I admit I was wrong.

For the past few years, whenever I heard really athletic and active people tell me that exercise was like therapy for them, I'd roll my eyes.  Yeah, right, I would think to myself.  It sounded crazy, like something they were just saying to try and entice me to do it myself.

Yeah, well, guess what.  I now agree with them.

It's only been a week of me doing this bike riding, and even though it still hurts my lower back a bit (and I assume it will for a while, those muscles have had a lot of issues!), I actually really enjoy this.  I don't enjoy the sweating, don't get me wrong, but I like the feel of getting my heart pumping hard, and the satisfaction of completing my goal.  I hope that this is a sign that I'll want to stick with it!

It's also nice to just sit down, put my earphones in my ears, and just ride.  Ir's pretty difficult to just completely block out the world in this house, but it seems that if I tell my mom I'm gonna ride the bike, she'll actually leave me alone.  Everyone needs some time like that, you know?

So yeah.  That is going really well. :)  I'm pretty excited, which is also a brand new feeling for me when you're talking about the word "exercise."

Also, a moment that is totally out of character for me during the summer?  This night owl actually went to bed at 12:30 last night and got up for the day at 9:30.  I know, that's probably LATE for some of you, but for me to do that on summer vacation when I have no appointments or anywhere to be, that's just weird.  And because of that, I'm pretty tired right now!  Maybe this will be a change, too....we'll see. I do love my sleep. :)


  1. Glad to hear that bike riding is going well.

    And, yup, going to bed at 12:30 is unheard of late for me, and getting up at 9:30 is super unheard of. Morning person here:)