Saturday, July 2, 2011

Give a guy some roses...

and you'll make him the happiest man in the world.

Confused?  Yeah, I figured.  Okay, here's the story:

A few weeks ago, when my cousin Brianna had her ODP soccer tournament, a boy she goes to school with who is also a ODP player gave her a dozen roses to wish her good luck.  (Somebody's got a crush!)  That night at the hotel, apparently my cousin Dusty said, "Boy, if somebody gave me a dozen roses, I'd be the happiest man in the world!"  Well, my mom came home and decided that since Dusty's birthday was yesterday, he was getting roses.  I mean, hey, if we have the power to make a member of our family the happiest man in the world and don't take advantage of it, what kind of family would we be?  Due to a disaster Chelsea caused, Mom was running low on cash, so I happily provided the money to buy the roses.  I'm pretty sure when he said that, Dusty didn't mean getting roses from his family, but you just can't pass up an opprtunity like that!

He said it was the first real birthday surprise he's gotten in years.  I'm here to please. :)  (Don't worry, we gave him a real gift, too.)

So yeah.  We all (even Shane) went over and had burgers and hotdogs with Mommom, Uncle Kirk, Aunt Donna, Dusty and Bri.  Plus, Aunt Donna's brothers PJ and Stephen, their wives, Leslie and Jen, PJ & Leslie's daughters, Caitlynn, Brooklynn, and Lilianna, Stephen and Jen's son Nathan, her parents, Phil and Diane, and Phil's mom (whose real name I don't know) all came, too. Needless to say, it was a crowded house!  It was fun, though.  I haven't seen all of them since Dusty's graduation party in 2008.  Lilianna is almost 23 months and I've never met her.  Stephen and Jen just recently got married and Nathan isn't his biological son, so I've never met either of them, either.  It was a loud party, but loads of fun with all the kids and getting to catch up with people. 

Yawn. It's late.  I shaved and have clean sheets, so I'm gonna sleep real good tonight!

Oh, and just because I haven't posted a new picture of him since his birthday, here's a cute picture of Blake I took today. :)  And yes, that's a Campbell shirt he has on.  Class of 2032!

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  1. I sent my husband flowers and chocolates one time! ;)