Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why must I do this to myself?

I am up way too late.  Again.

Somehow, that always happens.  Even when I know that I must get up very early the next day, I find myself still awake at 1 am.  I am crazy.  And also a night owl.  And also an insomniac (which I blame my mother for giving me that gene :p).

It started when The Bachelorette came on at 8 tonight.  It was supposed to last two hours, but one hour in, it got interrupted by an ABC Special News Report, with a speech from President Obama and John Boehner (my thoughts on which will remain off this blog, politics is a passion-filled matter and I choose to avoid verbal wars when possible).  That lasted almost 25 minutes, but thankfully, they started the show where it had been cut off so no one could complain about missing anything.  So that didn't end until 10:30, and then I'd promised Chelsea I would watch a show with her.  Thankfully we have DVR so fastforwarding through commercials sped things up a bit. 

Anyway, you don't need to hear every little detail, but basically, the TV didn't turn off until midnight.  I planned on going to bed then, because I can manage on six and a half hours of sleep, but then I remembered I needed to pluck my eyebrows.  That took about 15 minutes.  And then I checked stuff on the computer, and then Mom called me, so yes, I'm still awake.

And 6:30 is going to come way too soon, so I'm gonna go now.  I'll hate myself enough in the morning for doing this as it is.

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