Thursday, July 14, 2011

My mom is awesome.

Today she's gotten up at 7 am, done all the laundry, taken Blake to daycare and picked him up (a 40-45 minute drive each way), cleaned most of the house, organized Blake's clothes, fed and bathed Blake (Chelsea was at pre-marital counseling and then work), and made chicken and pastry (and that pastry is from scratch, mind you!) and curry chicken salad.  And her insomnia was in full force last night.

Meanwhile, she let me stay in bed all day because of the pain I'm in without asking me to do anything.

She. is. awesome.

I'm also quite grateful for the fact that she still had painkillers from all her sinus issues so that I could actually get some rest.  That was the only reason I've been able to sleep.

And now she's about to leave to go pick Chelsea up from work.  The woman is a beast!

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  1. Your mom sounds pretty awesome! :) Hope you are feeling better.