Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gifts and Horses and Other Random Stuff

So today Chelsea worked from 9 to 5.  Shane picked her up and they came over.  Mom really did most of the Blake babysitting today, but when they arrived, I was out in the living room with him.  A few minutes later, Chelsea said, "I'm gonna give you twenty bucks for helping with Blake and stuff."

Whoa.  Chelsea?  Does not voluntarily give away money.  Like EVER.  And I told her it wasn't necessary because the only times I've watched him recently is when she's been at work, not on a date with Shane or whatever.  But she actually insisted.  So hey, like the old saying goes, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  Cause it'll bite.  And you might lose your gift.  And that would suck.  Well, not really, I made that last part up, but you catch my drift.

Tomorrow, Chelsea works all day again, and Mom is taking Blake out on Uncle Kirk's boat with the whole family, so I'll actually have the house to myself for a good while.  I want to go with Mom, but the heat index outside has been like 115 degrees lately, and I might as well be asking to pass out.

Ooo, and awesome news: Tuesday when Mom and I go to Raleigh for my migraine appointment, we get to have lunch with Holly because she's off that day!  That is so perfect, and I know it's gonna be really good for Mom to see her.

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  1. Hope the heat breaks some for all of you! It's hot enough here farther north (it was 100 yesterday and Friday), so I'm sure it's much worse where you are!