Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've never been so excited about a bathroom in my life.

So.  I had my ultrasound today.  They told me it was at 8:00, and that meant Mom and I had to leave at 7:00 to get Blake to daycare on time.  THAT meant I had to wake up at 5:45.  I'm a night owl, and totally not a morning person, so you can just imagine how much fun that was.

We didn't get there till about 8:15 because Mom purposely oversleeps and makes it so we're never on time for anything, and then I looked at the wrong sheet for the address, so it took us a few minutes to find the building on the road.

The imaging center was on hospital grounds, so Mom dropped me off so she could go smoke.  I walked in and went up to the receptionist.  I told her my name and gave her the order form for the ultrasound, and as I was signing the paperwork, she looked up at me and said, "So you drank your water, right?" 
I looked at her confused and said, "What?"  "The water.  You were supposed to drink 40 ounces of water." "Uh, no one told me that." "Didn't you get the letter in the mail with the instructions with this order?" "Uh no.  I got that order at my appointment this past Wednesday." "Well, we can't do the ultrasound unless your bladder is full...You have to come back.  Our schedule is booked all week, too." "Well, my doctor needs this ultrasound report before my appointment next Wednesday."

Long story short, they miraculously had a cancellation for 10:00.  I went outside to call Mom and it took callnig her seven times to get her to answer, and we went to Walgreens and bought me two giant bottles of water.  By this point, it was only about 8:30, so we then proceeded to wander around Home Depot for an hour and looked at paint chips because apparently Mom wants to paint a bunch of rooms in the house (as if she doesn't have enough going on).  I drank all the water as we walked.  By the time I finished the 40 ounces, I really had to go to the bathroom.....or so I thought.

We went back to the imaging center about 9:35 because we had nothing better to do.  I sat there for about ten minutes before they called me back.  The tech squirted the gel (which thankfully was actually warm! it's usually cold) on my lower abdomen and immediately said, "Uh, I can't see anything.  Your bladder isn't full."  So I then had to drink 48 more ounces of water.  By the time I finished that, I felt like if I drank any more, I'd throw up.  And then it took them like 15 more minutes to call me back again.  My bladder was so full it actually hurt.  I was sitting there on a couch rocking back and forth like a crazy person.  Thankfully, when she did come get me again, laying down on the table eased some of the pain, and it was over before I knew it.

But seriously, y'all.  I drank 88 ounces of water in less than 90 minutes.  I told Mom, "I don't think I've ever been this hydrated outside of a hospital (because then I'm usually constantly being pumped full of fluids) in my life."  It's also very smart that they have a bathroom connected to the ultrasound room because by the time it was over, I don't know if I could've made it all the way to the lobby bathroom.

The cutest thing about this place?  They gave me a chocolate mint (YUM. My favorite!) stapled to a piece of paper that said, "It's been a pleasure serving you!"  In the car, I joked, "Yeah, well I'm glad someone had pleasure torturing me!"

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  1. I have to have an ultrasound for my kidneys next week - & I think my experience will be like yours. Not looking forward to it! I wonder if they'll give me a mint?