Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm thinking online forms weren't the smartest idea.

Last spring, Campbell gave out housing forms for 2010-2011 at the beginning-of-the-semester dorm meeting.  It was a booklet that had all the information for campus housing options plus a schedule of when to go sign up for an appointment with Residence Life and the groups of dates when specific groups of people could have their appointment in late March and April.  It was a good process.  They managed to get housing assignments out just a few weeks after summer started.

This year, they decided to go electronic because we all know how important being green is and all that jazz.  First off, we knew something was off because they didn't even bother to tell us their new plan till late March.  They said once we went through advisement, there would be a link on Campbell's website that would lead us to fill out the new housing form.  Okay, cool, whatever.  It seemed like a fine idea.

Until it was mid-June and we still hadn't gotten our housing assignments.

Some friends of mine informed me that apparently, the housing forms were messed up and it forced the residence life people to have to go into each person's account individually to make the assignment, so it was taking way longer than expected.   About a week later, we got an email with the assignments!  Hooray!

Until the next week when we received an email from the Business Office that said, "Sorry! We sent these emails out before Residence Life wanted us to.  They aren't done deciding yet!"


Today, we got the real email.  Finally.  And the good news is, they gave me my same room for next year.

How much you wanna bet they go back to the old format next year?

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