Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm making this one quick.

So I'm going to do a shorthand recap of the day. Because I'm exhausted, but want to remember it.

6:30 am wake up.
Mom and Chelsea refuse to get up.
Leave at 7:40.
Chelsea to work.
Blake to daycare.
Drive to Raleigh.
Pick up Holly.
Go to Olive Garden.
Go to appointment.
Long wait.
Drop off Holly.
Drive home.
Leftovers for dinner.
Whiny Chelsea.
Lots of arguing.
Mal tired.
Early bed? I think so.

The only important part was the appointment.  Because I'm still having some migraines, my doc said I can go up on the meds I'm on, because they have substantially decreased the number of migraines per week.  Also, she gave me these cool "shots" for when I do get a migraine to see if they will work to not make them last so long or be so strong.  The "cool" part about these shots?  They're needleless injections!  It's apparently a puff of air with the medicine in it that your skin can just absorb!  I was kinda squirmy when she started talking about them because I am soooo needlephobic, but once she told me that, I'm up for anything!  I can deal with pain, just keep the needles away from me. :p

Hasta luego.

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  1. Those needleless shots sound cool. What will they think of next? :)