Saturday, July 16, 2011

She's off the naughty list!

Of course, she never should've been on it in the first place, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Things are quite possibly finally starting to look up for Mom at work!

a) She got her own classroom again, after years of being the only English teacher who had to float.  It was ridiculously unfair that teachers who came to the school after my mom started working there got their own classrooms and my mom still had to float.  One of their many backhanded "punishments".

b) They gave her two Honors classes, one each semester!!!  Finally after serving four years at that school and coming up with the best Freshman EOC scores in the department the past two years, they're giving one of the best teachers I've ever seen the smart kids!  The best part about this was that she never would've guessed it was coming.  I was reading her the teaching assignments off of her email to her as she was giving Blake a bath and she screamed when I told her they gave her Honors.  They're no longer just sticking her with the "bad kids", the gang members, the kids who constantly get suspended, and whatnot.  I am so, so, so freaking excited for her! :)

This is such a huge boost for my mom. We're not sure if this means that the dynamic between her and the administration will change, but at least this will maybe help her not be so dang miserable all the time.

Thank you God for answering my prayers!!!


  1. It is always great to be a former teacher, trust me, I know!
    That's wonderful!

  2. Congrats to your mom!That's great. :)