Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Campbell just keeps on winning.

Well, I got my bill for the fall on Saturday.  It came about the same time as last summer, and it was reasonably ahead of our August 5th due date.  All right then.

Then, I opened it. 

My dear private school showed that I owed $14,398.92.  And yes, that is an expected number from them.

BUT they forgot one minor detail.

My Presidential Scholarship.  Ya know, the money I earn with my kick ass GPA that is well above the minimum requirement.

Nowhere to be seen.  And of course the thing came on a weekend so I couldn't call and get it straightened out.

I called them this weekend anyway and left a message.  They finally called me back to explained that yes, it was infact an error on their part and if I log in to my account, the correct amount due will be posted. 

THANK HEAVENS.  Because if I had lost my scholarship, my whole family was going to flip out.  And so would I.

And Campbell?  You just keep on living up to that five-star status you've got there. 

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