Thursday, January 31, 2013

Non Stop

Today has been nuts.

Wake up.


French grammar.

Infirmary appointment.  Turns out that I pulled six or seven different ligaments in my ankle and foot without a specific injury or accident to point to as the reason, which means I get to wear a fantastic brace for the next month or so.  And in the past two days the brace gave me a three inch blister on my lower leg, because I don't have any long socks, so there's extra doctoring involved for a while to let it heal.  The good news is there's nothing wrong with the bones.



Then I actually got to have a break and have a phone chat with Taylor.  Love that kid.

Tutoring a freshman in Western Civ.



Then two and a half hours of conjugating all sorts of French verbs with Ryann.  This class is killer.

And now I have to work on a paper that's due tomorrow.  Only problem is I feel brain dead.  But I'm not gonna have time to do it tomorrow before it's due.  This should be fun.

Yay college.

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