Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I know it's a good day when...

...I wake up at 6:30 and I'm actually excited to go to my 8 am class.  I love International Relations that much.  I love Dr. Thornton and his teaching that much.

...I find an email from Pastor Sean asking me to write something for the updated church website that is coming soon, because he's read some of my blog posts and thinks I have a talent for writing.

...I'm humbled to be reminded that people actually read what I write, and more than that, they like it.

...I go to World Religions, and for the first time in two weeks don't have a quiz or test to worry about.  The schedule had literally gone 1/16 quiz, 1/18 quiz, 1/21 quiz, 1/23 test, 1/25 quiz, 1/28 quiz.  Thankfully, our schedule slows down after this.

...I schedule two peer tutoring sessions in two days, which means more money for me.

...Phonetics is a success.

...Public Policy is entertaining and went quickly.

...I understand what I need to know for Grammar tomorrow, so I don't have to spend a long time studying.

...I am able to pass along Mere Christianity to a friend of mine whom I know will greatly benefit from it, and she so sweetly offers to give me a ride to Walmart and Lowes sometime this weekend so I can restock my food supply.

...I get to go to small group for the first time since the beginning of December.  I have enriching discussion about God's Word and His will with people that grow to feel more like family every time I spend time with them.  I am able to share a request for prayer for my migraines, and they pray over me right then and there.  I know in my heart that these people truly love me, and they see me as much of family as anyone else who's been there for much longer than I have.  I am comfortable, I am myself, I am free.

...I am reminded a hundred fold just how blessed I am not only that I found this church and this family, but that in the span of a year, God took me from a girl who barely wanted to step foot in a church to a girl who loves going to church, who is a part of a small group that she can trust, who is putting down fears and singing in front of people to praise the Lord that has given me so much.

...I receive a text from a sweet friend who read yesterday's post about my dad and encouraged me yet again about sharing my testimony and story with people.

...I am sitting here watching a really creepy episode of Law & Order: SVU and yet I can't stop smiling because today has been just so beautiful I can't even help it.

My friends, I hope that you have had a beautiful day, as well, and if you haven't, that tomorrow will shine more brightly for you and that you will be reminded that no matter what, God is here.  He is with you.  He never leaves.  And he's got you in His hands.  I promise.

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