Friday, January 18, 2013

Good things about today:

It didn't take my usual two hours to fall asleep last night, which means I actually got about 6 hours of sleep, which feels like a massive improvement over how my sleeping has been going.

International Relations was a fascinating class today, and every day I get more excited about the field that I am in.

I aced my World Religions quiz.

When I got out of that class, I got the sweetest text message from Kyla, and I was reminded yet again just how blessed I am by the people who have chosen to love me and be in my life.

I only had to wait about ten minutes for my doctor to call me back today, so she could call the pharmacy to fix the fact that they only got two of the three prescriptions yesterday, and I needed the third one.  She got the med called in.

Phonetics was cut in half because Dr. Steegar had a meeting.

Public Policy makes me laugh every day because I love Dr. Mero.

I got to have a lovely chat with Caitie today.  Again - my friends? THE best.  I am so, so blessed.

My mom texted me while I was on the phone with Caitie, and she managed to get out of work in time to get to the post office before the last mail truck went out, so my meds got out today.  That means that I should receive them on Monday, and every single day that is one less day that I have to wait for the possibility of relief is a huge plus in my book.  My mom is awesome - it's exam week at work, so I know she is beyond slammed trying to finish this semester and get ready to start the new one next week, but she still made it a priority to get these in the mail to me today.  Keep your fingers crossed for some divine intervention on this new med plan!

I got to talk to Michal, too, which is always grand.  We rarely get to talk anymore just because we're both so busy, so I'm excited that we made plans for a legit video chat for Tuesday!

And the rest of the night has been spent doing basically nothing productive, aside from a little bit of Phonetics reading and, uh, making the to-do list for the rest of the stuff I have to do this weekend.  I gave myself the night off.  And it felt awesome.

I would actually be in bed right now, but I'm in the middle of something.  The icing on the cake of today is that today is my sweet friend Morgan's 21st birthday, and throughout the day, I have been sending her 21 e-cards on Facebook.  Two examples of these gems:

They make me laugh, and I know they've made her laugh, and it's been a fantastic amusement and distraction today.  But I refuse to send the last one until the very last minute of her birthday, so I'm sitting up until then listening to Taylor Swift.  

It's been a good day.  Here's hoping the rest of the weekend holds up.

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