Sunday, October 16, 2011

Karma, is that you?

Well, first off, on the upside, the research didn't take me all day.

The bad news, though, is that it didn't take me all day because there were so few resources to even look at.

Deep breaths.

To start off what felt like a day full of karma punishing me for procrastinating (and I do mean that as a joke, take note), after I got up this morning, ate lunch, took a shower, shaved, and plucked my eyebrows, I sat down at my computer ready to focus on this paper.

Only to find that the library website wouldn't even open.  Yep.  And when I called the library to ask if they knew what was up, the lady who answered the phone was absolutely zero help.  She said they might be working down there at the library, so I sighed, got up and dressed, and headed down there.

And then I found out she was wrong.  The library homepage wouldn't even open up down there.  I was so freaked I almost started crying.  Oh, I of little faith...Thankfully, a guy who works there that I knew was good with computers was able to help me, and he basically showed me a backdoor way to get to the databases.  Which was awesome, because that was the only way I was allowed to do the research.

I spent two and a half hours going through literally every. possible. database. Campbell has access to and I could only find six articles to use.  SIX.  And that just freaked me out.  Praise the Lord for the fact that the required minimum number of sources for the paper is five, but still.  My mind was just racing worrying about how six articles were going to get me a 7-9 page research paper.  So for now, I'm just focusing on making it to seven pages.

Ugh, this is what I get for procrastinating, and what's even worse is that as soon as I get done with this work this week, I get to start freaking out about my Scope & Methods project that I have also, surprise surprise, procrastinated on.

One day at a time, Mal.  One day at a time.  The writing is the easier part.  You don't have a lot of during-the-week homework, so you'll have plenty of time to organize and write this by Friday.  You can do it.

I have to focus on the positives, think positively, or I'll go into freakout mode and probably cry, and I've cried enough in the past week.

And yes, I do sometimes talk to myself.  But I promise I'm not crazy.  At least not that kind of crazy. ;)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I really do love my classes.  Plus, I'm curious to know what Dr. Mero wants to talk to me about.

I'm going to watch Glee to end the night on a happy note and go to bed.

Oh, another happy note: I checked my midterm grades, and I have an A in everything but English! I'm amazed I have an A in Scope & Methods!  See, this is why I don't care if I bug people by participating a lot in class - it helps my grade! :)  Okay, good night.

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  1. Things like that are why I hate library research. Research in a lab I love. :)

    See if you can find anyone who has access to any other university library systems. For instance my sister's school has much better scientific journal access than my school does, and if you can find someone who's willing to use their library to look stuff up for you it's great. It's especially helpful if you've found an article that you want but that you can only access the abstract of.