Saturday, October 8, 2011

I bleed red and white.

(posted after the fact due to computer disaster)

We won!!!! WE WON!!!!! 38-24!

The game was amazing.  I don't know if the Central Michigan quarterback was just tired or what, but the poor old sap threw FOUR interceptions!  That coupled with the fact that someone clearly lit a fire under our defense's butts, and it was like I was watching an entirely new team out there on the field.

We spent way too much money there.  A) Mom felt the need to buy me a new State shirt and Blake some State stuff and her a new State shirt and B) sports stadiums are almost as overpriced as movie theatres, it was sweltering hot outside and Mom told me to wear jeans.  She's too good to me sometimes.

Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's and ate some real food (as in not complete crap) and saw Holly because she was bartending tonight.  We ate and sort of talked to her as she ran around like a chicken with her head cut off, but it was nice to see her in action.  I got these quesadillas that I've had a bunch of times at the RT in Jacksonville and love, so I was jumping at the chance to eat them again, but they were way spicier here!  I ate two but had to stop because I was literally sweating.  And I love spicy food!  Mom probably would've cried if she'd eaten them.  Oh well, it wasn't a waste - Holly said she'd eat the other two. :)

Good, good day.  And tomorrow is going to be better!

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