Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the answer is...

Today was...interesting, to say the least.

Remember when I told you about how Ryann and Kyle stopped being friends?

Because neither of them told me what went down, I just let it go and kept on being friends with both of them.  I hate losing people, and at the time I really didn't see how them "falling out" was my business, so yeah. I just went on with life.

Well, today Dr. Steegar let us out of class early, so Ryann and I had a bit of time to talk before her next class.  I don't remember exactly what was said before I said what I said, and I was honestly nervous to bring it up, but at one point, I said, "Can I be honest?" She nodded.  "I'm a little surprised you're so...nonchalant about losing your friendship with Kyle."

And that was when she started talking.  About everything that went down.  And I was in shock.  Not just in shock, also raging mad.  It takes a lot to make me that furious, but I was.

It's not my place to talk about all that she said, so I'll just say this:  What he did was scarily similar to how Landon acted when he and Holly first broke up.  I wanted to call him to tell him off and tell him to lose my number because I really don't want to ever speak to him again, but I didn't because she asked me not to.  That guy is very mentally unstable, and if he can do what he did to the girl he claimed was his best friend, I cannot have someone like that in my life out of fear of what he'd do the first time he got mad at me. 

She isn't upset, but I am.  If you asked me the thing that makes me most upset, it'd be having my friends and family attacked and threatened.  And on top of that, he played me and made me think he was upset their friendship ended, but I saw the emails he sent her.  He's not sad.

So that's over.  I'm angry for Ryann, but I'm also relieved to have someone that vindictive and dangerous out of my life before Ryann or I really got hurt.

Now, all I can do is pray for him, I suppose.  I won't can't contact him because my words would not be Christian, so I will just sit and pray.  Pray for his heart, his soul, the other people he will come in contact with.  That's all that is left.

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